Tomorrow is going to be my 49th Birthday. Now instead of getting all maudlin about the passing of my youth and being well and truly middle-aged now (I still hate to admit that), I am going to try to fill this post with positive thoughts, and advantages of being ‘in the prime of life’ (sounds a lot better than bloody ancient)!

  • I am an asset for a pop quiz team. I love the old 70s and 80s music (plus I did a short stint working behind the Record Counter at Woolworths in the late 80s) so I know my stuff quite well.
  • I can finally put my big tummy down to ‘middle-aged spread’, and not sheer greed and love of food!
  • I have lots of ‘life experience’. I can give (unwanted) advice on relationships, as I have had a few! At least I know what not to do now.
  • It doesn’t matter now that I am a bit ‘scatterbrained’ at times, as I am old enough to put it down to being eccentric!
  • I’m still just about ‘in my forties’ (I don’t have to stipulate which end of 40 that is)!
  • People associate being mature in years with being wise and learned. Who am I are to put them right!?
  • I no longer blush when talking to a good-looking young man; I am old enough to be their mother now!
  • I’m still young enough to like listening to Eminem, but now old enough to complain about his incessant swearing!
  • I don’t really have to worry anymore about having 2 left feet. If I go  somewhere which involves dancing, no-one is going to mock my dreadful moves. Everyone expects ‘older ladies’ to be rubbish dancers!
  • And finally, I still have a year to go before I am 50!