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New Easter Outfits — April 4, 2018

New Easter Outfits

At Easter I don’t usually buy my daughter much chocolate, I usually end up buying her clothes, a new outfit or some pyjamas. Now that he is nearly 15  I tend to give her some money to get something as of course, being a mum I have no idea about fashion and God forbid that I should dare to give her anything handmade!

However, as you know, I love making little outfits for my great nieces and I thought Easter was the perfect time to make some more. As they are so young, they don’t complain that the styles may not be ‘designer’ or the latest trend. I have also found it very therapeutic and it a strange way it helps me to relax (despite all the swearing and tantrum throwing when I have to unpick something I have put together upside down or inside out)!

Having a bit of time on my hands before I start back at Uni, I have knocked up a few little bits for them for summer (assuming we get any).

Easter outfits
A Christmas Project — November 26, 2017

A Christmas Project

I have been pretty busy at the moment with studying and I thought that this weekend I would take a little break from it all and do something that I enjoy, (apart from blogging of course).

As some of you may know, I enjoy sewing and dressmaking, and although I am by no means an expert, I am definitely improving the more I do. I particularly love making clothes for my little great-nieces and have made quite a few outfits, for them, especially in the summer months. Here are some of my projects on Pinterest. 

Last Christmas I  managed to make a skirt and trousers in fun Christmas fabric. You can see little Molly modelling her skirt that I made.


I didn’t know what to make this year but I wanted it to be a little bit more adventurous than what I had done before, as well as something practical.

Mr Grump was busy watching the rugby so I cracked on with it. It took a little longer than I expected, but just after midnight I had finished my project and was pleased with the results. They are not perfect, but they do look cosy and warm!

Episode 483: Seven Signs That Summer is Almost Over — September 5, 2015

Episode 483: Seven Signs That Summer is Almost Over

  1. The last little rose has poked  its head out of the now mass of leaves, (some of which are turning brown) and it won’t be long before they are cut back for next year.
  2. The blankets are out! Yes, the weather is turning chillier, and we all have our little blankets that we like to snuggle under in our house. Roxy nicked my place on the settee and Mr Grump fussed around setting her down so she is warm and snug
  3. The nights are drawing in very rapidly; it is now getting dark so much earlier in the evening and, unfortunately, the early mornings are also getting darker making it harder to get up.
  4. The dressing gowns are coming out of hibernation as well now, It won’t be long before the fleecy pyjamas get an airing either!
  5. Only the true stalwarts are still cutting about in shorts! I know the English like to get them on as soon as it is either officially ‘summer’ regardless of weather, or we get a bit of decent sunshine regardless of the season!
  6. The colds and flu have started already! Yes, as some of you know, Mr Grump has already got ‘man flu’ and no doubt the rest of us will end up succumbing to it!
  7. All the Christmas stuff has started making its way into the shops! Gah!

Roxy Snuggling

Episode 272: What A Carry On! — April 5, 2015

Episode 272: What A Carry On!

I had really been looking forward to going to my sister’s today. I had a little nap before we went, as I slept very badly last night due feeling really rough with this bloody cold.

We picked my mum up on the way and everyone else was already there when we arrived. Lunch was a beautiful roast beef and yorkshire pudding. We had a cake that my sister had made for pudding which looked so good I took a photo of it!  Not only did it have mini eggs and chocolate orange segments, it also had Nutella in it! I just had to have a little bit of it to try and it was even better than it looked (if that us possible).

Anyway, the fever kicked in again after lunch, and as Mum felt tired, I ended up coming home early. Miss Hap, bless her, wanted to come with me as well to look after me (plus she didn’t want to walk home later as I had the car)!

We are now enjoying a ‘Carry On’ film fest in our pyjamas.  Every Bank Holiday they seem to put them on back to back. I grew up with these films, but never get tired of watching them. The silliness of them as well as the innuendo and double-entendres still make me laugh my head off! Good job I am easily pleased!

Episode 168: Stressing To Impress! — February 17, 2015

Episode 168: Stressing To Impress!

Next week, I have been invited (it is compulsory) to attend a ‘Team Building’ session at work for a whole day of activities. As you may know I work for the NHS, looking after elderly patients. All of the staff have been divided up into three teams headed by a Sister, with Staff Nurses, Associate Nurse (or Practitioner) and Healthcare Assistants.

My dilemma is this: we have been asked to wear clothes that reflect who were are. Hmmmm, this is a bit tricky as I don’t even know who I am yet despite my advancing years! I know that many people are defined by their jobs, but I suspect that is what we are trying to get away from!

I could turn up in my pyjamas. after all, I do seem to spend rather a lot of time in them! When I get home, I like nothing better than to have a nice bath, and get comfy in my PJs. However, I don’t think I have a pair that are suitable for public viewing; even my Betty Boop ones (of which I have many pairs) are a little scruffy now, and a bit short in the leg.

I am well-known for being clumsy, so what about a protective suit of armour? I could make a lovely grand entrance, clanking my way up the stairs and into the lecture theatre! I should imagine it would be a bit heavy, and perhaps movement may be a little restricted. The visor may even be considered a barrier to communicating to my team-mates. Not sure about this one; I may be shielded from accidents but would probably need to be treated for exhaustion, or rust!

My usual clothes are ones that do not set me apart from anyone else in any way really. I do tend to dress in black a lot, and I wear long tops and leggings mostly. It fits quite well with my personality in that I blend into the crowd, I don’t like drawing attention to myself much, and I am still just a little on the shy side.

However, I am trying to come out of myself more. I know all of my colleagues very well, and at work I am more confident, and assertive (I have to be). I was discussing with Mr Grump what he thought summed me up as a person, and he said it just as I was thinking it.

love the 1950s and the fashions that were around at that time, during the summer months, especially on special occasions I wear one of my ‘Hell Bunny’ dresses as I love their designs. I actually own one similar to the photograph which I call my ‘Minnie Mouse’ dress.

I know it is the middle of winter. Yes, it is freezing cold. ‘ll probably have to wear tights and proper shoes as opposed to bare legs and my matching red and white spotty wedges, and of course I’ll need a cardigan or something. Never mind.

It definitely reflects who I am, a bit dotty, utterly inappropriate (I still always burst out laughing at the most inopportune times), and it has hidden depths!

I think it pretty much sums me up!

Episode 164: Hearts and Flowers, Tissues and Snot! — February 15, 2015

Episode 164: Hearts and Flowers, Tissues and Snot!

Well what a wonderful day Valentine’s Day turned out to be! Miss Hap started the day off on the right note by waking Mr Grump up at 6.30 (I was already up an hour before). For some reason, she had decided that it was the perfect time to have a very loud telephone conversation with her friend that she was meeting up with a little later.

I meanwhile, was up sneezing my head off! From out of nowhere a  nasty cold had appeared the night before, decided it liked the look of me, and would hang around for a while, settling in and making itself comfy. This left me with half-open watery eyes and a lively red nose, I decided that I might as well stay in my pyjamas to complete the look.

Miss Hap eventually met her friend (after taking ages choosing the right outfit, and making a racket about it) so Me and Mr Grump had some time to ourselves. He had chores to do though, and I was flat-out on the sofa for most of the morning,We did however exchange cards and he bought me my favourite yellow roses which was lovely.

Miss Hap was originally going to stay with her Nan for the night, but plans were changed so she was joining us for our ‘romantic steak dinner’. I decided to ‘slip into something more comfortable’ for the meal, so had a bath and put on fresh pyjamas! Well I thought that it was more in keeping with the Vaseline around my nose. I didn’t have any wine due to dosing myself up with painkillers.

There was a little streak left over so Mr Grump insisted we give it to Roxy the dog as she is a girl and needed to be treated on Valentine’s Day as well! Anyway, dinner over and Miss Hap heads off upstairs out of germ’s way. I conk out on the sofa at 7pm for a couple of hours wake up for half an hour and then go to bed! Mr Grump, defeated, had started on the beer!

This is what real love is like! It’s not always hearts and flowers, it’s just being together, and making the most of it!

Episode 113: Nightwear Nightmare! !!! — January 19, 2015

Episode 113: Nightwear Nightmare! !!!

Now I’m a woman who likes to be comfy! I am guilty of getting into my pyjamas after work so that I feel more relaxed, not to mention unrestricted! (Especially after the inevitable large dinner). However it doesn’t mean that I want to live in them…..

There has been a huge rise in the popularity of the ‘Onesie.’ There are so many varieties too…the novelty ones, the cute ones, the fluffy animal ones…the list goes on. Some even have kind of little bootees attached to them, as well as a hood. All very nice I’m sure but how the hell do you sleep in them?! Surely it is liked being slowly cooked in your own juices. YUCK!

As well as not being very flattering to the less than perfect figure, many of them don’t have any openings, if you know what I mean! How are people supposed to go to the loo in the middle of the night, half asleep with a onesie on?! By the time you have wrestled with the fastenings,manoeuvred your arms out of the sleeves, and pulled the bloody thing down, not only are you wide awake in your bleary eyed stupor, but you have unintentionally dropped the sleeves down the toilet and peed on them! Of course you don’t notice this until you go to shove your arms back into the dripping sleeves! Nice!

Now the onesie is ideal for babies (we used to call them babygros or romper suits), They are cute and practical. Toddlers and young children look adorable in them and again, they are quite practical. Who thought it was a good idea to make adult sized ones, for Goodness sake? Yes, they are funny. Everyone likes to see their husband dressed like a large, fluffy bunny right? Or their wife, slouching about in a grubby, banana onesie? Yep, passion killers! Even if the mood takes you, it would be long gone before you managed to find your way out of them!

Lastly, (and this is my pet hate) Why would you want to go SHOPPING in one for Christ’s sake?! I have seen people shamelessly doing their weekly shop in their onesie. The other day in my local shop,a mother and daughter were parading their choice of onesie, and it was only about 2 o’clock in the afternoon!

Are people too lazy to get dressed? There have been times when I have been unable to motivate myself to get dressed, but I wouldn’t go out like it! I won’t even answer the door in my pyjamas. I am shocked by my sister who puts her washing out in her dressing gown!!! No way.I don’t want my neighbours mocking my night attire, and I CERTAINLY don’t want to see any of them in the jammies either.

Am I alone in my dislike of the adult onesie?!

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