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Wacky Word Wednesday #21 — September 30, 2015

Wacky Word Wednesday #21

I have got one of my favourite words for you today for my Wacky Word Wednesday. It is one that I do use quite a bit still, especially when I am at work combing the knots out of my patients’ hair. However, it needs to have its moment of glory as not enough people are using it. So let’s hear it for the wonderfully sounding…..

Tatty. Yes, it is the tangled-haired, scragged and scruffy little mangy mutt that trots about needing a damn good brushing. The broken down dilapidated and deteriorating building. a crummy carbuncle that has seen better days.

Moth-eaten and manky furniture in a forgotten rundown shack, that has gone to seed and is well past its prime. A dog-eared book in a down-at-heel, dingy dive of a hotel, with it shabby and squalid decor, that is disintegrating into dust.

It is a bit like Miss Hap at the end of a school day! She goes in hair brushed and uniform pressed, and comes home bedraggled, and worse for wear! God knows what they do to them ūüôā

Episode 418: The Delights of Decorating! — July 16, 2015

Episode 418: The Delights of Decorating!

Tomorrow Miss Hap breaks up for the summer holidays until early September! This is always a nightmare as far as childcare is concerned as myself and Mr Grump usually take a couple of alternate weeks off each, and for the others I work a couple of nights and a day over the weekend. We are lucky that we can do this, and Mr Grump has got the first week off next week.

Miss Hap has decided that she wants to totally redecorate her room as she has grown tired of it! We only did it a couple of years ago in the orange and lime green that she wanted. (It sounds a bit loud but I really like it actually, although I was a bit reluctant at first)! As her room was the last one to be done it was not next on my list at all, but as she had worked so hard at school lately despite a very rocky start, and won an award on Monday for German and Music I am considering it. I also have an ulterior motive in that her room is a mess, and I told her if she cleaned it out spotlessly I might think about it.

Now she has already been giving her orders about colour schemes and what she wants to do. In fact, bless her, she cut a load of letters out to stick on her wall already as you can see in the pic. Now I hate decorating (well the mess that goes with it), and get very stressed with furniture all over the place and other stuff strewn about, so I have decided that this part of the deal will go to Mr Grump!

He likes painting and decorating, and if he doesn’t get it done next week (along with some other chores I have given him to do), then he is off ¬†the first week in August and can do it then. It’s a shame really, because I have got to work and he will have to do it all by himself (no doubt a lot of direction from Miss Hap too)!!


Blogging From A-Z Challenge: ‘U’ — April 24, 2015

Blogging From A-Z Challenge: ‘U’

The ¬†Blogging From A-Z Challenge reaches the letter ‘U’ today. This is a very happy looking letter, resembling a huge smile. It is curvy yet uniform, can be imaginative and unimaginative, a bit of contradiction is this letter,¬†when teamed with an ‘n’ and used as a prefix!¬†With that in mind, here is my word for today…..

Unflattering. Now I am on pretty good terms with this word; it is trying on a dress and realising that yes, my bum does look big in this. It is the state of my hair first thing in the morning, sticking up in whatever direction it chooses. This word is just under my left eye! It is swollen and puffy due to some blisters that look like cold sores that have decided they will settle themselves on my face for a while.

It is the cruel realisation that red lipstick on your teeth is not a winning look, or the harsh reality that blonde is just not your colour and adds 10 years onto your age!

I encounter unflattering on a daily basis!

Episode 279: Spring Into Action! — April 9, 2015

Episode 279: Spring Into Action!

Yesterday, we had a man come round to carry out the annual boiler inspection. He was originally booked for next week but due to a cancellation he came yesterday instead.

Now, I am not keen on workmen or servicemen coming around when Mr Grump is not here as I have mentioned before, but he was in the area and it would have been churlish to have insisted he stick to the scheduled appointment.

Anyway, he turned up and bounced into the kitchen after stepping on the dog! He did make a fuss of her though and all was forgiven, I left him to get on with it as he knew what he was doing. I had forgotten to move some of the crap stuff that was by the boiler and also the oil lamp sitting on top of it (Mr Grump thought it was as good a place as any to store it)!

The chap was unconcerned and said it was no problem for him to do it, as I cringed at my forgetfulness. After a while he poked his head into the front room and asked if he could go upstairs and look in the airing cupboard. Shit! I had to tell him to be careful not to get attacked by the step-ladder we have got stored in there.

After he had done all the checks and left, I had to go upstairs to get something. As I walked to my bedroom I noticed Miss Hap’s bedroom door was open, and although not as bad as usual, was a bloody mess! The landing also needed a vacuum……

This morning, Mr Grump went off to work. Myself and Miss Hap decided that we would have a cleaning frenzy. I had decided that I would have a spring clean anyway during the holiday and after reading a post by The Armchair Perfectionist, was even feeling quite inspired to get on with it. However, there is nothing like being shamed into doing it a bit earlier than planned!

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