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Carrot Ranch Flash Fiction Challenge Porch — November 2, 2017

Carrot Ranch Flash Fiction Challenge Porch

As you may have been aware, over at the Carrot Ranch, there has been a mega load of Flash Fiction Challenges over the last month in particular.  I have long been an admirer of Flash Fiction, but apart from writing them in the form of verse, rarely venture into that territory as it is completely out of my comfort zone.   Just lately though, I have entered 7 out of the 8 Carrot Ranch Rodeo Flash Fiction competitions, and thought that I would have a go at this one too!

This is the image that we were given to use, and these are the rules:


November 2, 2017 prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story a chair on a porch. Why is it there, and what might it mean? Think about using it as a prop or the main thrust of your story.

Respond by November 7, 2017 to be included in the compilation (published November 8). Rules are here. All writers are welcome!


Amelia sank into the overstuffed chair which enveloped her body with warmth.

“The, ahem, Doctor will be with you shortly, Miss.”

Nervously, twisting her rings, Amelia’s stomach lurched contemplating what she was about to do.

Distracting herself from the pounding in her head, she glanced around the porch. Comfortable and homely, like any other house in a pleasant neighbourhood. Only it wasn’t.  The odorous smell of bleach pervaded the room; Amelia shuddered.

“How many desperate women had sat on this chair awaiting their fate?”

“Good morning Ms Johnson.”

“It’s Sergeant actually. I am arresting you on suspicion of murder…”

In The Future: What’s Next For Edwina’s Episodes? — October 2, 2015

In The Future: What’s Next For Edwina’s Episodes?

Today is the last day of the Writing 101 course, which I have thoroughly enjoyed. Not just for the fact of learning some new ways of gaining inspiration that I never would have considered, but I also met some more wonderful bloggers, whose work I may not have found if it were not for this course. I have, of course, shared some of these blogs with you all so you can enjoy them as well.

Now comes the tricky part; What do I want the future to hold for my blog? Well, as I have mentioned, I signed up for NANoWriMo during November as I wanted to really challenge myself.(Actually, I think I have punched too far above my weight on this one. I can’t even understand how to use some of those ‘writer’s apps’ like ‘Scrivener’ or ‘YWriter’ so God knows how I am going to knock out 50 000 words in one month. Still. it wouldn’t be a challenge if it were to be too easy!

So, as a result of my overestimation of my abilities, my blog might be a little neglected during November, as I probably won’t get much time to do it! I will definitely be posting, but it may be a little sporadic, to say the least.

I thought that come December, I might want to slow down a bit on the blog anyway, but then I am not so sure. One of the biggest attractions about blogging for me is the interaction with other bloggers that I get on a daily basis. I will just have to see how that goes….

As far as my blog content goes, I will still be writing about the funny, the silly and the downright hilarious side of life; I would like to keep up my ‘Wacky word Wednesday’ but am running out of inspiration for that so might have to re-think that one, The Haiku challenges I take part in, I love and will keep on with those, as I will with the ‘Free-For-All Friday’ feature. I also enjoy Linda’s One-Liner Wednesday posts and have a go when I can, as I do with Ron’s (recently joined by Colleen) BeWoW posts.

So, that is my plan for my blog in the next year or so. I might get involved in other challenges along the way, or perhaps try to introduce a new feature on my blog, who knows? I never even expected my blog to last this long!  I don’t want to have too much structure to my blog as it takes away my freedom, and I like an element of surprise as well, so that a reader doesn’t always know what they are going to get when they come to my blog!

Episode 327: #BeWoW Day: Ordinary or Extraordinary? — May 13, 2015

Episode 327: #BeWoW Day: Ordinary or Extraordinary?

This is my take on what ‘ordinary’ and ‘extraordinary’ means to me in response to Ronovan Writes BeWow post.

I would describe myself as just an ordinary, everyday type of woman. There is nothing remarkable about me; I am average looking, a little on the plump side (ok, a lot), have now reached the point of being ‘middle-aged,’ and have a husband and daughter. I am a quiet unassuming type of person, very introverted at times. Very ordinary!

Wait a minute though…didn’t I join the army as soon as I was able, therefore leaving home and standing on my own two feet as soon as I was 18? What about the fact that I went off to Turkey to marry my first husband, against everyone’s wishes, and had to rope a bemused passer-by in to be one of my witnesses?(I did have a friend that came with me to be the other witness)!

What about the fact that I am now on husband number three? It took me a while to get things right). Lastly, how many other people take 6 attempts before they pass their driving test? (Yes 6)!

In answer to all of those questions, I think that I might actually just qualify as being a little extraordinary! I suppose it just depends on what your definition is. Despite my quietness, I am a pretty determined type of person, and once I get my heart set on something, then I will do my utmost to try to accomplish it. That makes me just an ordinary person with extraordinary tendencies!

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