This is my take on what ‘ordinary’ and ‘extraordinary’ means to me in response to Ronovan Writes BeWow post.

I would describe myself as just an ordinary, everyday type of woman. There is nothing remarkable about me; I am average looking, a little on the plump side (ok, a lot), have now reached the point of being ‘middle-aged,’ and have a husband and daughter. I am a quiet unassuming type of person, very introverted at times. Very ordinary!

Wait a minute though…didn’t I join the army as soon as I was able, therefore leaving home and standing on my own two feet as soon as I was 18? What about the fact that I went off to Turkey to marry my first husband, against everyone’s wishes, and had to rope a bemused passer-by in to be one of my witnesses?(I did have a friend that came with me to be the other witness)!

What about the fact that I am now on husband number three? It took me a while to get things right). Lastly, how many other people take 6 attempts before they pass their driving test? (Yes 6)!

In answer to all of those questions, I think that I might actually just qualify as being a little extraordinary! I suppose it just depends on what your definition is. Despite my quietness, I am a pretty determined type of person, and once I get my heart set on something, then I will do my utmost to try to accomplish it. That makes me just an ordinary person with extraordinary tendencies!