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Photography 101: Mystery and Lighting Effects — March 18, 2016

Photography 101: Mystery and Lighting Effects


Today we are to find something that is a bit of a mystery and photograph it. We are also to think about different types of lighting effects. We have been given some suggestions as follows:

  •  Take your photo during the “Golden Hour”: the time just after sunrise or before sunset when natural light is soft and takes on color tones of its own.
  • Illuminate your subject with a flashlight or candle.
  • Take a street shot, using car headlights or street lamps to light your scene.
  • Try a photo during the day when the bulk of the sun is hidden, revealing patches or bursting rays of light.

I have not got a lot of time today so have taken a shot during the ‘golden hour’ of some houses over the back of where I live. It is always interesting to wonder what people are getting up to behind closed doors; well, it is to me anyway, being the nosey parker that I am!


#SoCS – Food — February 27, 2016

#SoCS – Food

Tea and biccies
Photo courtesy of Flikr

For Linda’s Stream of Consciousness this week, she has given us the prompt word of ‘food.’ Now I thought that this was going to be an easy subject for me to write about given my love for food. However, I have done many a post about food already so will have to think about a new take on it!

As some of you may know, I have recently started working in the community where I go out to visit patients in their own homes. We do all kinds of things from taking blood and giving injections, to dressing wounds. Given that we could arrive at any time during the day, we quite often end up catching people as they are preparing or eating their lunch, or perhaps having a cuppa and a biscuit.

Most of the patients I see are elderly, and some of them are very warm and welcoming when they see us. There was one lady who always offered me a coffee when I visited her brother that lived with her, and many times she would get out the biscuit tin, and on one occasion there was a doughnut waiting for me! Her brother was visited every day by the nurses and sometimes we would have students with us, but she never failed to offer us refreshments when we went there.

I was even offered a ‘bit of dinner’ a couple of days ago when I arrived at lunchtime to see a patient, Her husband answered the door, and told me that he was just preparing lunch (which smelled delicious), and I was welcome to join them for a bit of dinner. I declined of course, but it was so sweet to have been askedFor some of our patients, we are the only person they might see for a while, and they love it when we occasionally accept a coffee and stay for a quick chat. It is also lovely for us to feel so appreciated and welcome.

For some of our patients, we are the only person they might see for a while, and they love it when we occasionally accept a coffee and stay for a quick chat. It is also lovely for us to feel so appreciated and welcome, especially as they nearly always offer us  biscuits too!

Episode 188: My Friends, The Google Family! — March 1, 2015

Episode 188: My Friends, The Google Family!

Today i have decided to pay homage to the great all-knowing, all sing and dancing ‘Google!’ Where would we be without it? How many times do you hear someone say “just Google it” when you have made yourself look a prat by not knowing something obvious? Yes, Google is the font of all knowledge, loved by all, but adored by dunces like me! Here follows my top reasons for using it:

‘Doctor Google’

We’ve all done it. Felt ill and looked up our symptoms on Google, only to scare ourselves half to death, convinced we are going to die imminently. It is worse if you look at images as well. After being told I had Impetigo, I was doubtful but looked it up when I got home from the doctors. Some of the images I saw were really horrendous, and not ideal tea-time viewing! Thank God I have already started taking my tablets before my scabs get to that stage!

‘Masterchef Google’

I do actually have a few different types of cookery books, but for some reason can never find what i am looking for. Miss Hap is very fond of giving me extremely short notice that she needs to bring in cakes or biscuits or something for school. Masterchef Google has come in very handy here. I have some wonderful recipes for cupcakes, ginger biscuits, and even a rhubarb and ginger grumble (that was for me actually when we had a load of rhubarb growing in the garden and I needed to use it).

‘Professor Google’

Ah this is one of the most useful of the google family! I use for the times Miss Hap has some particularly difficult homework that I have no idea how to do, but don’t want her to know how stupid I am. I can ask her to leave it with me for a bit, then use prof google to find ways to help me understand what she has to do in order that I can explain it to her!

It is invaluable for help with maths, geography, history and art; actually it has helped both myself and my daughter in researching most of the subjects she takes at school. (These kids don’t know how lucky there are, we had to plow out way through massive reference books or encyclopaedias)!

‘Detective Google’

This is a handy one for those that like to check people out (if you are feeling particularly brave, you can type your own name in and find out all about yourself)! If you are a nosey type of person, cautious, or inquisitive you can try to get a bit of a lowdown on people to see if they are hiding any dodgy photos or crazy family members. Unfortunately, unless they have done a particularly horrendous crime and been splashed all over the news, the chances are you won’t find out any decent gossip about them!

As you see my google friends are pretty handy, I know I might have missed some of the important ones out. Which ones do you use?

Episode 139: Stating The Bleeding Obvious!!! — February 4, 2015

Episode 139: Stating The Bleeding Obvious!!!

Don’t you just hate it when you are feeling a bit grotty, so make an extra special effort to try to disguise it, only to have someone come up to you and say with concern,

“Are you aright? You look ghastly!” Well thanks very much, that is just what I wanted to hear. Some people just don’t think; either that or they missed the boat when tact and diplomacy were given out!

Mr Grump has been known to have opened his mouth before engaging his brain, and has been on the end of a verbal volley from me. His crime? He dared to mention that I had a HUGE spot on my face; I was only too aware of it already, and had attempted to hide it with copious amounts of makeup. I know it still shone through like a Belisha Beacon, but he didn’t have to mention it!

Another really big no-no happened as I was walking along the corridor at work. One of the night nurses, smiled at me and asked me if I was pregnant! I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. In the end I settled for taking offence, and told her that no, i was just fat!. I would have thought that she could have done a bit of subtle digging first rather than just coming out with it!

I know it’s nice that people notice things, and yes, we all like to be complimented on a new haircut, or the fact that we have lost weight; but on the flip side, most of us are a little sensitive to have our flaws pointed out, even if there was no intention to embarrass.

I know some people just speak without thinking; my poor boss suffers with this affliction. When one of the carers was brushing a patient’s hair, she asked them to have a go at the nurse’s hair that was working with her, as it looked like a bird’s nest. Ouch!

What type of person are you? A blabbermouth, or the soul of discretion?

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