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#SoCS – Psst — November 18, 2017

#SoCS – Psst

This week Linda has given us psst or another word that grabs reader’s attention, to use for our Stream of Consciousness posts. I will stick with good old psst as I like the sound of it.

Psst….you know that Christmas is just around the corner? Well, if you are stuck for ideas for ideas and want to give a little bit of sunshine as a stocking filler, then why not consider my book? It is a book of poems, rhymes and limericks that find humour or beauty in everyday life.

Here is the blurb:

Are you one of those people who barge through life, trying to get through it as best as you can, swimming against the everyday worries and stresses of life? Well, I have found a way to make it much more enjoyable.
Don’t you think everything sounds better when it rhymes? I certainly do. In fact, I have found that everything from doing the housework to growing older, can sound more positive and less daunting when made into a little ditty.
This book is about finding the humour, or raising a smile from the everyday things that we can all relate to in life, and looking at them from a different perspective. Nothing escapes versification; there is even a subject on sex! After all, that is one subject where there is plenty of room for laughter, even if it may not be the right moment!


and here is the link that will take you to Amazon where you can purchase it.  Author.to/RhymesoftheTimes



SoCS Pssst








#FundayMonday There Are Many Ways to be Artistic — November 13, 2017

#FundayMonday There Are Many Ways to be Artistic

Today’s video poem is about the different ways of being artistic and creative.


If you enjoyed those poems, and have time for a cuppa then you might like to check out my book Rhymes of the Times. It has many more poems like this and is perfect for dipping in and out of when you fancy a little pick-me-up.



Rhymes of the Times


Click here to be taken to my author page where you can purchase the book.


Need cheering up, then read on! — May 16, 2016

Need cheering up, then read on!

There are times when we could all do with a laugh or two. Life can be pretty tough-going at times, with all of the expectations that we (and others) put upon ourselves. Health, financial or relationship problems don’t help either, and can really drag us down.

Sometimes, a few minutes away from all the worry can do the world of good, especially if those few minutes are spent with a smile on your face. Well, this is where I (hopefully) come in!

My book ‘Rhymes of the Times’ is filled with lots of poems in mostly verse and rhyme format.  I feel that this is a much more upbeat and fun form of poetry, and can be read quickly and easily. The book’s cover is a bright and cheery, sunny yellow colour to lighten the mood (thank you Chris), and is filled with all sorts of fun and nonsense, to transport you out of the gloom for a while and take you to somewhere where you can feel all warm and fuzzy!

My book has so far received nine 5 star reviews on Amazon (UK&US combined), and has been referred to as ‘poetically perfect,’ ‘lighthearted and lovely’ and ‘quirky British humour.’

Why not give it a try, you’ll be glad you did!

Welcome to my brand new website. — May 14, 2016

Welcome to my brand new website.

Hello everyone and welcome to my brand spanking  new website!

I decided that I needed another website that is separate from my blog Edwina’s Episodes where I can talk more about my book and poems. As you can see, I have kept the look of this website very close to my blog, just so that you know you are in the right place! Plus I love the colours and vibrancy of this theme and I feel it suits me very well.

If anyone who has read my book would like to leave me a review or testimonial, I have a page where you can do so here

I hope you will enjoy your visit and as always, I love to hear from you.

Free-For-All-Friday # 20 — July 17, 2015

Free-For-All-Friday # 20

I cannot believe this is the 20th week of my Friday-Free-For All. I have got some wonderful posts again, I am pleased to say. Please try to visit these wonderful blogs as you will be so glad you did. There is so much more there for you to enjoy.

Decoding Happiness This blog is one that I have not been following for long, which us a shame as I have been missing out! Himali is one of the nicest people you could wish to meet. This poem is just beautiful.

Chris The Story Reading Ape’s Blog Chris has always got loads of wonderful things on his blog, but this post was one that certainly resonated with me.

Author Carole Parks This was a beautiful and poignant post, which certainly brought a lump to my throat.

Wafflemethis This post by Rich made me re-consider the way I had thought about something that we all strive to have it seems

A Momma’s View This is another post that I could identify with. One of the problems of the age we live in.

Sacha Black Sacha and her motley crew (well I can think of at least 2 reprobates), have lined up a fantastic meeting on August 1st. Sadly I won’t be able to make it but I will be following it on Twitter and Facebook to see what they all get up to. I have also cast my vote, and invite you to do the same!

So there you have my blogtastic posts for this hot and sunny weekend. Have a happy Friday!

Episode 336: #BeWoW Post. How I Connect. — May 20, 2015

Episode 336: #BeWoW Post. How I Connect.

This Post is inspired by Ronovan’s Writes Be Wonderful on Wednesday.

As I was thinking about what to write here, I came to the conclusion that actually, I am not really great at connecting, at least not in most situations.

The fact that I have a blog and belong to an online community means that I do connect with others on a daily basis, sending comments back and forth, and getting into interesting conversations, and finding the funny side of things. This seems to be where I am most comfortable!

I am very shy and can sometimes come across as aloof in person, despite that being far from the truth. It just seems that I am so much better at expressing myself with the written word rather than the spoken one! This does not bode well in social situations though. Funnily enough, although I hate job interviews, I have always been quite lucky in that I have overcome the fear and secured the job, on many occasions. That was probably due to the fact that I knew I had to do it, or I would be jobless and penniless!

As far as my family and close friends are concerned, I am much better at making connections. It has always taken me a little while to get to know people to the point where I can just be myself with them. Last year for example, we had a family friend come over to visit us from Sweden where he now lives. He has known me since I was 9 years old, and we were in my mum’s back garden with other members of my family. He couldn’t get over how much I was joining in, laughing and making jokes. That is the real me, but not that many people get to see it because of my inability to connect well with others I do not know.

One of the other ways I connect with people is again through the written word but this time, a poem which is nearly always a funny little ditty. Whenever there is a family wedding, special celebration or even sad event I have always written a poem for that person. It is just my way of letting them know that I care for them, even though I am not good at saying it face to face.

We are not a ‘lovey-dovey’ type of family, Well, at least we were not brought up like that, My parents did not ever tell any of us that they loved us, as that is just the way it was then. However. all of us constantly tell our kids that we love them as it is important to have that security and knowledge to know you are loved. Love is certainly the strongest of connections, and I do have that bond with my daughter.

Mainly,in one way or another, whether written or spoken, I connect with people through humour. I think it is so much easier to make a connection with people if you are all laughing together!

Episode 296: Blog Feed! — April 19, 2015

Episode 296: Blog Feed!

Well today is the last day of the Easter holidays and it’s back to work tomorrow after two weeks off. It has been so nice to have this time off, especially as the weather has been pretty kind as well, on the whole.

The one thing I will miss though is being able to spend more time on my blogging. I have been able to feed my blogging addiction quite a lot over the last two weeks, and instead of my hunger being sated, I find that my appetite has grown!

I am actually going to have to use the ‘schedule’ button a bit more than I normally do as I like to write ‘off the cuff’ about whatever takes my fancy. It is odd to  think though that before September last year when I started this blog, I had never done any sort of writing as such.

I have always loved poems, and little ditties which I still like to do now, along with a newfound extra; I have discovered the Haiku (thanks to dear Hugh and Ronovan).They are also pretty fun to do, although as there are rules with them, they require a bit more thought (stretching my poor brain to the limit)!

Given my love of words, and being such a prolific reader as well, it is odd that I never really considered writing before. Mind you, it probably has a lot to do with confidence really, as my idea of people who wrote, were either of scholarly types, locked away in the attic for hours scribbling frantically, or of the bright and funny young women bashing away at a temperamental typewriter knocking out their latest ‘bonkbuster!’

Obviously, I fit into neither of those categories, nor do I have anything specific that I like to write about, apart from the fact that I do prefer to have some sort of humour running through it. Perhaps that is why I have become addicted to blogging. It seems to fit with me perfectly, because not only can I write to my heart’s content, I also get to interact with other bloggers too. That for me is the main course and the dessert!

Daydreamer Challenge: Day 3 — April 8, 2015

Daydreamer Challenge: Day 3

Today the challenge is to write something nice about another blog that is participating in the ‘Daydreamer Challenge.’

That is not difficult at all for me to do, in fact, the only difficulty I have is selecting one blog, so I am going to choose two; both of which I am following anyway.

But I Smile Anyway. Ritu is someone I felt an immediate connection to. We have quite a lot in common, our sense of humour, we both like to write things ‘off the cuff’ and we also love to write a poem about anything and everything!

What I also love about Ritu’s blog is that you are never going to know what she is going to write about next! She has a wealth of inspiration which she draws upon to write her posts (I am not at all envious – much)! She is also a lovely person. Friendly and funny, and that is why I love her blog!

A Momma’s View I have been following this blog for quite some time now. This woman is a living dynamo! She is an excellent cook, takes beautiful photos, had two children which she home schools AND if that isn’t enough, is an author of not one, but three books!

I would love to have a bit of her stamina and dedication, that’s for sure! She is another one that helps and supports other bloggers which I admire greatly. She  is a very kind and lovely person as well.

As I said, it was extremely easy to be nice about these two wonderful blogs. Go and see for yourself, they are worth a visit for sure,

Video Poems — January 18, 2015

Video Poems

Just a quick post to let you know that I have added a new feature to my blog. It has been suggested to me (plus I had already considered) reading out some of my poems.

I have finally managed to do it! I have added a new page to my blog where you can find them (actually there is only one on there at the moment..just wanted to see the reaction I get)! 🙂

Episode 93: Four Wheels On My Wagon….. — January 9, 2015

Episode 93: Four Wheels On My Wagon…..

I thought I would give my blog a bit of a make-over. Seeing as this is the start of a new year, in which I hope my blog continues to grow and improve, there is no time like the present to set the wheels in motion…….

Slight problem though! One of the wheels has fallen off, plus the brakes are jammed on! I seem to be incapable of doing what I thought was the simplest of things. I wanted to insert an audio link. Yes, that;s all, a silly little audio link. You would think that it would be easy peasy. Well so it might be for a four-year old , but I can’t bloody do it! Even after 2 hours of trying.

I think I must be missing some sort of  ‘common sense’ gene somewhere along the line! I worked in an office for 10 years for Christ’s sake and I can’t even do a  teeny-weeny link!. It didn’t start well when I couldn’t find an audio programme on my laptop. I didn’t want to use the video as I want to try to GAIN followers not scare them off. Anyway, I did it on my phone and (eventually) managed to send it to my laptop.

Great, so far so good, and it only took about an hour to do it! I had my post all ready and all I needed to do was to insert the audio link and ‘Bob’s your Uncle.’ Sorted! Only no, it was not sorted. WordPress did not like my audio clip (I know my voice is a little deep after years of smoking, but some might find it soothing)! It was the wrong type of file. There was a list of right types of files but of course I couldn’t convert mine to that type, and I think even if I do, then I need to upgrade (story of my life)!!!

So sod it! I will have to rack my brains for some other ideas instead.

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