I thought I would give my blog a bit of a make-over. Seeing as this is the start of a new year, in which I hope my blog continues to grow and improve, there is no time like the present to set the wheels in motion…….

Slight problem though! One of the wheels has fallen off, plus the brakes are jammed on! I seem to be incapable of doing what I thought was the simplest of things. I wanted to insert an audio link. Yes, that;s all, a silly little audio link. You would think that it would be easy peasy. Well so it might be for a four-year old , but I can’t bloody do it! Even after 2 hours of trying.

I think I must be missing some sort of  ‘common sense’ gene somewhere along the line! I worked in an office for 10 years for Christ’s sake and I can’t even do a  teeny-weeny link!. It didn’t start well when I couldn’t find an audio programme on my laptop. I didn’t want to use the video as I want to try to GAIN followers not scare them off. Anyway, I did it on my phone and (eventually) managed to send it to my laptop.

Great, so far so good, and it only took about an hour to do it! I had my post all ready and all I needed to do was to insert the audio link and ‘Bob’s your Uncle.’ Sorted! Only no, it was not sorted. WordPress did not like my audio clip (I know my voice is a little deep after years of smoking, but some might find it soothing)! It was the wrong type of file. There was a list of right types of files but of course I couldn’t convert mine to that type, and I think even if I do, then I need to upgrade (story of my life)!!!

So sod it! I will have to rack my brains for some other ideas instead.