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Free-For-All Friday — March 18, 2016

Free-For-All Friday

It’s Friday already and I have a few fantastic posts for you to feast upon. Please go and visit them as you will find much more there to enjoy. You will be so pleased you went.

Cindy Knoke. This is a lovely post and makes me proud to be a part of this wonderful blogging community.

Stuff and What if… I loved this….both the images and the imagery!

Fourth Generation Farm Girl Tonya shares a brilliant way to beat stress with us here!

I know you are going to love all of these.  Enjoy!

Happy Friday!

Free-for-All Friday — March 11, 2016

Free-for-All Friday

My goodness, how the week has flown by. It is already Friday and time to feature some of the wonderful posts that I have enjoyed this week. There are actually an extra two,  that for some reason, did not make it into last week’s post so I have included those as well.

Please visit these wonderful blogs and see what else you are missing, you will not be disappointed!

Erika Kind This post was very enlightening, and something I am still working on doing. Erika always has a quote or some words of wisdom to inspire and encourage, and I hope you will check out her new book whilst you are there too.

Jen’s Pen Den I always love to learn new things, as well as brush up on things I thought I already knew but actually hadn’t perhaps got quite right! Jen is wonderful at explaining things as well as illustrating her point with examples.

Myths of the Mirror. This was a great post that raised a very valid point, but  of course, me being such an idiot roared my head off at the pics Diana created. Brilliant! #

Joeyfully Stated This was a typical Joey post. Telling it as it is in her own unique style, but what she says always makes sense, and usually makes me smile too!

Little steps to Somewhere This post brought back memories of when I was a teenager trying to make myself look gorgeous (and failing)!

Sacha Black This post was just adorable! It made me laugh and took me back a few years! The end result was just perfect, though.

Behind Distant doors I have met a few of these characters and Azul has got it spot-on with her brilliant poem!

Well, I am spoiling you all this week with a veritable feast! Enjoy!

Happy Friday!



Free-For-All Friday! — February 26, 2016

Free-For-All Friday!

Free for all Friday

This week has passed by in the blink of an eye and here we are, it’s  Friday again! I have of course got an assortment of goodies for you to get stuck into over the weekend. Please take some time to visit these wonderful blogs to see what other treasure they have hidden there!

Daily Echo I thought that I was pretty good at spelling and grammar. After reading this post I realise that I have failed miserably, and am not up to the standards set by our government for SEVEN year olds!

Homemade Naturally Donna has some really great ideas and I loved this one!

For Friends Without Borders, This is Rob’s brand new blog and a wonderful concept. He had given about 30 of us admin rights so that we can all share this blog and publish whatever we choose; wonderful freedom for some of us that have to be a little more discreet on our own blogs!

How The Cookie Crumbles Tess is one of those people that I really envy! Her ability to tell a gripping and entertaining short story is brilliant.

A Certain Point of View One of my favourite poets has done it again! This is just so bloody funny you will LOVE it!


Free-for-all Friday — February 12, 2016

Free-for-all Friday

Free for all Friday

Welcome to another Friday Free-for-all where I have found a selection of brilliant posts that I have enjoyed reading this week. As usual, I have tried to choose a wide selection for your delight! Please do go and visit these blogs as they all have other tasty treats for you to sample!

A Certain Point of View I love Al’s blog. The fact that he likes poems of all kinds as I do just adds to my enjoyment. This one is so understated, but tickled me nonetheless!

Dream Big Dream Often This is an inspirational article written by Danny that really touched me. Here is a man that has some serious medical issues yet he is such a support and help to others, never too busy to interact with the many bloggers that follow him.

Behind the White Coat What I love about our favourite doctor is that fact that she is so down to earth and has a great sense of humour! This post made me laugh my head off, probably because I have been there!

My Spanglish Familia  La Sabrosona is a very creative, innovative, and imaginative person; just look at this post to see why!

Single Family Asylum Oh this post takes me back. I really felt for him – once I had finished laughing my head off that is!

So there is your little selction box this week. Enjoy!

Happy Friday!

Free-For-All Friday — February 5, 2016

Free-For-All Friday

It’s here again, fabulous Friday where I get to share some of the fantastic posts that I have read during the last week. I have a veritable feast for you this week too which I am sure you are going to enjoy. Please do go and visit these blogs as you don’t want to miss out on their other goodies they have for you.

Elusive Trop A lovely, simple haiku, but written with a lot of thought,  that really appealed to me.

La Vie est trop courte pour boire du mauvais vin TJ always has such a stunning collection of beautiful photographs to showcase his stories and haikus. I, of course, chose this one!

Hugh’s Views and News I love this post, and laughed my head off when I saw the video!

Dandelion Fuzz A lovely, heart-warming post

Dublin Housewife A lovely tribute to Sir Terry Wogan by our favourite Dublin housewife, in her own unique style.

Steve Says I don’t really have to say anything about this post, the pictures say it all!

Tea and Paper This was such a lovely post and gorgeous photo to match.

So there you have it, some wonderful posts to keep you entertained. Enjoy!

Happy Friday!!


Free- For- All Friday! — January 22, 2016

Free- For- All Friday!

Welcome to another Free for All. I have got some great posts to share with you again this week. I know many of you already follow the same blogs as I do, but I do try and vary the posts that I share. There are so many wonderful bloggers out there that always post brilliant posts, so it is can be tricky choosing one in particular. That is why I always recommend that you visit the blogs to discover all the other little treats that await you.

Days of Stone I loved this haiku. Ryan has such a talent for writing them, that I had chosen another one of his to feature this week, forgetting I already had this one! That is why it is worth going to pay him a visit as he has so much to offer.

Willowdot21 This was a great poem that really appealed to me, great fun!

Nutsrok I am sure many of you are familiar with the lovely and extremely funny Linda. If not you soon will want to be finding out more about her after reading this!

So there you have a few tasty morsels to nibble on this week. Enjoy!

Happy Friday!


Free-for-all Friday — January 15, 2016

Free-for-all Friday

It’s Friday again and time for me to share some of my favourite posts. This week, as usual, I have chosen a delicious assortment of goodies for your delectation! Please do visit these blogs to have a nose around, as there is so much more on offer.

A New Perspective  Perhaps This post was short and to the point. It is something I think many of us are guilty of, in one way or another.

The Phil Factor This post made me laugh, although in some ways it is a bit scary!

DoubleU This really resonated with me. Sometimes, especially at the moment, I just hate going out too, and if I do, I just want to get back home as soon as possible.

Thoughts and Entanglements This is lovely, I could almost feel the slight breeze in my hair!

Deb Was Here Deb pays tribute to a very special person, which brought a lump  to my throat.

Bun Karyudo Who says romance is dead? A wonderful heartfelt post with a touch of humour, This was right up my street.


So there you have a mixed selection of goodies to take you through the weekend. Enjoy!

Happy Friday!


Free-For-All Friday! — January 8, 2016

Free-For-All Friday!

Welcome to the first Free-For-All Friday of 2016.  Yes, it’s back! There are so many wonderful blogs out there and it would be a shame if you have missed out on them. I have chosen some posts this week that have had an impact on me one way or another, that I thought I would share. Please visit all of these wonderful blogs if you haven’t already done so.

KL Register  A short poem beautifully written, that I’m sure will resonate with so many of you.

Confusing Middle A bit of silliness that made me roar my head off!

Scribbles At Arpita This post was an interview with an extremely funny blogger who never fails to make me laugh. The interviewer asks just the right questions to set it all off perfectly 🙂

Wafflemethis. Who said chivalry was dead? A real old-fashioned love poem.

Van By The River something we are all familiar with – but perhaps a new perspective will make us see it in a new light?

So there you are. A small selection of delights for you to feast upon this week. Enjoy!

Happy Friday!



Ready to Welcome the New Year. — December 31, 2015

Ready to Welcome the New Year.

Well, what a year 2015 turned out to be for me. It has certainly been a time of change and trying new challenges. I left my job at the hospital after five and a half years and found a new job working out in the community, visiting people in their homes.

I also took part in the NaNoWriMo in November and completed my very first novel. Well, it is not exactly complete as there is still lots more editing left to do! As yet, I am not sure how far I am going to go with it, but it would be a dream fulfilled to get it published, (should it be worthy of course).

The one thing that has been consistent throughout all the ups and downs of this year has been my blog and you, my wonderful blogging friends.You have been there to offer comfort, encouragement, advice, and support. I have laughed, cried and learned lots from your various posts as well.  You never cease to amaze and surprise me. The way we all pull together at times is something I am extremely proud of. No matter what time of day or night, I know there is always someone here I can talk to, and interact with, regardless of subject matter.

I have not set that many goals for 2016, but for those of you that have, I wish you every success in achieving them. I wish every one of you health, love and happiness in 2016 and I am looking forward to continuing to share your journeys, as you share mine!

Cheers! 🍷🍷🍷🎇🎇





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