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Don’t You Just Hate it When?….13 Niggles That Wind Me Up! — March 27, 2018

Don’t You Just Hate it When?….13 Niggles That Wind Me Up!

We all have those moments in life. You know, the little niggles that serve no purpose other than to make your day just that little more frustrating. Here are some of the things that really wind me up……

  • You have taken ages styling and straightening your hair (or have just been to the hairdressers) then get caught in a rainstorm (with no brolly)!
  • You get an unexpected cash windfall – then your car breaks down and is going to cost a fortune to repair. Those shoes will have to wait.
  • It’s taken ages to get off to sleep, but just as you feel yourself slipping off, you have a desperate urge to go to the loo.
  • You have spent ages cleaning the bathroom, and someone wants to have a bath.
  • You’re excited about the perfect gift you have bought for someone’s birthday – and find out someone else has bought it as well.
  • You save up for ages to buy something expensive, only to find it is in the sale a few days later!
  • You are invited to a friend’s house, and knock coffee all over her pristine carpet.
  • Your other half has mixed the loads in the washing machine again. Grey bras are not attractive!
  • You are desperate to go to the loo when you get to work, then realise there is no loo roll AFTER you have already been!
  • You realise you can’t walk in those gorgeous high heels that you just bought.
  • You go to use your best mascara only to find your daughter has been ‘practicing her make-up skills’ with it, and there is none left,
  • You go to read an old favourite book, only to remember you loaned it to someone ages ago!
  • You start to write a blog post and run out of ideas half-way through!!

What little niggles wind you up?

#Writespiration 52 Weeks in 52 Words Shoes — November 8, 2017

#Writespiration 52 Weeks in 52 Words Shoes

This week for Sacha’s #Writespiration challenge we are to write a day in the life of a pair of shoes. Not only that but we have to use only 52 words!

We may not be sexy and chic

Worn every day of the week

It’s comfort, not style

That makes us worthwhile

And the fact we don’t leak!


We never complain of our fate

Squashed beneath all her weight

Stomping all day long

Still going strong

Despite looking a bit of a state!


Hugh’s Views and News Photo Challenge: Week 5 . Pair — November 7, 2015

Hugh’s Views and News Photo Challenge: Week 5 . Pair

Hugh is already in his fifth week of the photo challenge he created. I have enjoyed participating in this as it is fun trying to fit the photo to the word, or vice versa! I love the poached eggs on toast  pic on his blog – what a lovely pair!

My entry for this week is much more conventional, being a pair of shoes! However, these are real skyscrapers and something that my niece loves to wear,

I know I am getting older now as I had to jam my poor toes into the narrow shoe and had Mr Grump haul me up! My knee clicked in protest as I rose to the tallest I have ever been in my life, probably about 5ft 8 or 9 as I was even taller than old Grump!

I had to hold onto the door whilst he took the photo as I could barely balance on them let alone walk.No sexy wiggle for me in my heels, more of an arthritic hobble followed by an almighty fall I shouldn’t wonder!

Episode 301: Miss Hap’s Mishap! — April 23, 2015

Episode 301: Miss Hap’s Mishap!

Unfortunately, my old nemesis ‘anxiety’ has come calling again recently, and I have been feeling steadily worse as the days go by. What with my gammy eye as well, I don’t look that great either!

Anyway, suffice to say, I have slept a huge amount today, and done very little else. Miss Hap went off to school and Mr Grump to work, so I was pretty undisturbed for most of the day. (What a shame I can’t sleep so well at night)!

By the time Miss Hap came home I had woken up but was still a bit groggy. I noticed though that she appeared to be limping. Before I had a chance to ask what was wrong she thrust a carrier bag at me. Curious, I opened it up, only to find the sole of her shoe in it!

Now school shoes are a bit of a bugbear with Miss Hap, not least because she has extremely flat feet with no arch to them at all. Add to that,  the desire to have something that is not going to be classed as ‘old-fashioned’ (like the Clarks shoes she has had right up until secondary school). It has been quite a challenge all-in-all.

However, we were lucky that just before school started we found some that we liked (as in they were not too high or too flimsy) and that she was prepared to wear. Now, I don’t know if anyone remembers the ‘beetle-crusher’ type shoes (or ‘brothel keepers’ as we used to call them, God knows why), well they have made a comeback.

I think they were originally popular with the ‘Teddy Boys’ of the 60s (I don’t actually think girls wore them), and I quite like them despite my sister (Mrs Masterchef) saying they resembled some sort of orthopaedic shoe!

We bought her some lovely black (of course for school) suede shoes, which in keeping with this style had a one inch thick rubber sole which looks like a caterpillar tread that you have on tanks.These lasted quite well for her as she wears shoes out pretty quick. The next pair we got had ‘jewels’ on them but were not allowed, so we bought this last pair which were not the same quality, hence the detachment of the sole!

Miss Hap thought we could easily remedy the situation with a bit of glue as she is not allowed to wear trainers whilst we sort out some new ones. Oh well. looks like we will have to risk the wrath tomorrow as the jewelled ones will have to make a guest appearance for a day!

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