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Are We Too Clean? — October 17, 2017

Are We Too Clean?

You may remember some time ago I wrote about my mum’s attitude that ‘A little bit of dirt never killed anybody’. This was in regards to her cavalier disregard for sell-by dates.kitchen cleanliness and other such pleasantries!

To add to this, I remember only having a bath once a week (on a Sunday night fresh for school on Monday), and it was either in with my younger sister, or somebody else’s second-hand water! We didn’t think anything of it really at that time, as we still washed, just didn’t bathe!

Of course, becoming teenagers was a whole new ballgame. We were never out of the bathroom! Mum would be vexed that we would only wear our clothes once and then chuck them in the wash. Apart from underwear, she was convinced that our clothes still had another day or two left in them before they got dirty enough to warrant washing.

She thought we were crazy washing our hair every day as well, telling us that it ‘would wash all the goodness out of it’. We still did it anyway, and got through a job lot of shampoo and conditioner along the way.

According to a survey of 2021 women commissioned by Flint + Flint (A skin care company) four out of five women still don’t bother to shower every day, and in fact one-third will go for three days without washing at all. Phewwwww, I bet things get a bit whiffy around the nethers. How gross!

Like most women I know, I bathe every day, and many times more often than that. I would never dream of going to work without first bathing, which is one of the reasons I get up so early. In my opinion, it is not just about personal pride, but consideration for others as well. I have to get pretty close to my patients, and I am sure they would not want to be a couple of inches from an unwashed armpit – or worse!

By the same token,when I worked in a hospital,  we would wash our patients every day, for their self-respect and dignity as well as the obvious infection control measures. Most of us actually feel better when we are clean, with washed hair and fresh clothes.

I am not averse to a bit of dirt either. Kids like to play in the mud and get filthy, as it is so much fun. I think if we obsessively clean everything to within an inch of its life, then we run the risk of not building up any resistance, and catching everything going! It is about balance and common sense.

Are we too clean or should we leave it 3 days between washes?

Ronovan’s Writes Weekly Haiku Poetry Prompt # 74 ‘Cake’ and ‘Wolf’ — December 7, 2015

Ronovan’s Writes Weekly Haiku Poetry Prompt # 74 ‘Cake’ and ‘Wolf’

Now Ronovan’s prompt words of ‘cake’ and ‘wolf’ for this weeks Haiku challenge had me thinking it was going to be pretty easy. However, he is on to us and would prefer something a little less obvious. Hmmmm.

I have had to think ‘outside the box’ and have been at the thesaurus!

Here is what I ended up with!

Cake of soap


Episode 166: Fairy Grandmother! — February 16, 2015

Episode 166: Fairy Grandmother!

When I was younger, my parents were pretty strict about swearing (or rather us not swearing) as I wrote about here. It was pretty unheard of to hear bad language on the TV, and I never ever heard my parents use really bad language. Yes, my step-dad loved ‘bloody’ and ‘shit’,  and my mum was partial to ‘for Christ’s sake’ but there was never any ‘f’ word or similar. Ever.

Nowadays it is so much more commonplace. we hear it all the time, On TV, listening to music, even young kids on the street seem to bandy swear words about with abandon, as it is part of their everyday vocabulary.

Many of the older generation still do not like to hear people constantly swearing, and one grandmother of 73 landed up getting herself in trouble when she tried to make a stand.

It all started when her daughter’s boyfriend couldn’t control his language in front of the woman, her daughter and granddaughter. She had finally had enough when the 6ft 2 chef loomed over her swearing in her face. Quick as a flash, she pulled put a bottle of ‘Fairy’ washing up liquid from her bag (God knows why she was carrying it around, unless it was for just such an occasion) and squirted the liquid towards the 38 year old’s mouth.

Now, most of us as kids were threatened to have ‘our mouths washed out with soap’ if we were caught swearing by an older person, and being of that generation, she followed through on it, probably intending to teach him a lesson in manners.

Unfortunately, his poor feelings were hurt and he called the police accusing her of assault; sure enough they came out and charged her! She will be up before the magistrates court facing prosecution and a criminal record.

How times have changed. Forty years ago this woman would have been commended for her actions, and the foul-mouthed ranter, berated by the police for wasting their time, and for using abusive language!

Is the Crown  Prosecution Service getting a little over the top wanting to prosecute this woman, or do you think she ‘assaulted’ the man and deserves what she gets?

Episode 125: Dear Hospital Visitor…….. — January 27, 2015

Episode 125: Dear Hospital Visitor……..

Today I thought I would do a slightly different type of post. It is something that has been on my mind of a while. so here goes……It is of course, just a little tongue-in-cheek, and purely my opinion!

Dear Hospital Visitor

We really appreciate the fact that you want to spend time with your loved one, and that is why we have made visiting hours so accessible for you; being between the hours of 2pm-8pm. We have even stated that if you wish to, you may come a little earlier in order to help your loved one to eat their lunch. We understand that in many cases, particularly with the elderly and frail patients, they will eat more when encouraged by someone who is close to them.

What we do ask, however, is that you remember that although the portions are quite large, the meals are just for the patient! We would like to try to build up their strength in order that they recover sooner and return to their normal lives, Eating well can help substantially with the healing process! You are welcome to bring in your own food, or even food for the patient if they desire something that we do not offer. Please try not to eat the patients’ meals as tasty as they may look. There is usually a canteen or shop available if you become peckish.

We enjoy our jobs as nurses/carers, and we pride ourselves in giving your relatives/friends the best care that we possibly can; treating them as if they are our own. So when you complain that your Mum/Nan has not had her hair brushed properly, or you berate us for not answering the buzzer  within a nanosecond, please remember this: We treat EVERYBODY as if they were our own as I said, so that means that we have at least another 5 patients that may need our attention as well. We may have just seen your relative two minutes ago , and although yes of course, we will plump her pillows for her again, there is someone else bursting for the loo.

By the way, it does help if you could bring a few essentials in with you, next time you visit. Soap, slippers, dressing gown and a brush or comb would be so handy. We do have hospital nighties and some slipper socks available, plus the volunteers occasionally give us soap, toothbrushes and combs, but they do not last long, and we prefer it if we can, to save those for the patients that have no-one that visits them (sadly there are a few of those).

Oh yes, when you enter the ward, we do have plenty of alcohol gel available for you to use, Every patient also has them at the end of their beds. As I am sure you are aware,one of the biggest transmitters of germs is our hands, It takes seconds to squirt a bit of gel into your hands; just by doing this small thing, you might save your loved one from catching a nasty bug and having to stay in hospital longer.

Last of all. please don’t turn up mob-handed! There is hardly any room as it is around a patient’s bedside, and if there are 8 relatives at a time surrounding the bed, it does make doing our job a little harder, especially for those patients that also have drips and other paraphernalia all over the place. It is an accident waiting to happen. To be on the safe side, keep the number to two visitors. That way nobody will trip over you, or trample you!

Thank you for your kind co-operation!

Episode 39: Nobody’s Perfect…. — November 9, 2014

Episode 39: Nobody’s Perfect….

We all have our little faults, (some more than others) and I know I certainly have mine! I just got to thinking about the little pet hates that I have…silly little things that really drive me mad…..

People that don’t change the loo roll, preferring instead to leave the empty tube on the holder! Of course you don’t really notice this until you have actually ‘done your business’ and are in need of it! If this happens in my house (which it does all the time), then it’s not too bad as I always make sure there is a supply close at hand, but if you are somewhere else and there is none anywhere, it can be a bit of a problem as you are in rather a vulnerable position!

Leaving milk out of the fridge! This is a real peeve of mine at work…I do like my hot drinks, and the first thing I usually do when I get in is have a coffee. However, it is somewhat  annoying if someone has left the milk out of the fridge, and a hesitant sniff confirms that it has gone off (sometimes it has even gone like cottage cheese)! It really is the ultimate in laziness not bothering to put the milk back once it has been used.

Leaving shoes right behind the front door…I hate it when I get in from work, fling open the front door then nearly get knocked out as it bounces on said shoes, and comes hurtling towards my face.Miss Hap is guilty of this one as she just comes in the door, kicks everything off and leaves it where it lands. This means that once I have avoided concussion from the door, I then have to tread carefully so as not to trip over the school bag chucked on the floor!

Text talk! I hate it when people abbreviate words so much I can hardly understand them when they text e.g.’cul8r m8′ (I do know what that one means now) or something! I know I am old-fashioned and everything, and yes it is a bit of a pain to type out every single word in full , but if someone is going to send me a load of seemingly random letters and numbers put together that doesn’t mean anything to me , then what is the point!!  I would say that mostly younger people tend to do this, but actually my elder sister (in her late 50’s) is one of  the worst offenders. It takes me ages to decipher her messages sometimes!

Soap and flannels! Now I know this one might be a bit controversial, but you’ll understand why in a minute!  Let’s take a bar of soap first. When first opened it is all lovely and solid, and smells nice..but after a bit of use, it becomes all soggy, snotty and slimy. I hate it when I go somewhere and there is a rotten piece of soap on the wash basin, that has seen better days. God knows how long it has been there or who has used it, YUCK! Similarly with flannels.. The problem with these is they are so unhygienic.I know my Mum is a huge fan of the flannel (as are many elderly people) and when she stays with me or my younger sister, the flannel comes out on display in the bathroom (along with the bar of soap I might add). Sometimes it is even draped over the bath! Now the thing with flannels is that they also get very slimy..when I am washing patients at work and they mention they have a flannel, I always offer them the disposable wash clothes that we have instead. I mean some of them only have the one flannel which is used for everywhere! The thought of washing your face with a flannel that has been wiped around sweaty armpits. cheesy feet, not to mention other more ‘intimate’ places, seems to defeat the object of feeling fresh and clean!

My final pet hate was kindly given to me by Mr Grump and is something that annoys him about me! I very rarely eat leftovers (or second-hand food as I call it)! It’s not that there is anything wrong with the food, I just don’t fancy it! Mr Grump qualified many years ago as a chef, so he does cook some really good meals. The thing is once I have eaten and enjoyed it, that is it. If there is any left,I don’t want it again the next day, and if he freezes it and gets it out for another day, it doesn’t look very appetising in the tupperware box, and I don’t want it! Anyway, he eats the leftovers himself so they don’t get wasted.

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