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#SoCS Liquid — December 9, 2017

#SoCS Liquid

This week Linda has given us liqu to use for our Stream of Consciousness posts, which can be used either as a start of a word or as part of a word. I choose to use it as part of the word liquid.

When I saw the prompt this week, I was originally going to write about liquor, but that wouldn’t be much good seeing as I haven’t drunk alcohol for years. When my daughter was very young I brought her up on my own so I never wanted to drink too much if she stayed the night with my mum. Young children and hangovers do not go well together at all, and I don’t believe in being drunk in charge of a child either, so never drank in her presence.

My liquids of choice are tea and coffee, pretty boring of course, but I do go mad and have the odd glass of sugar-free fizzy pop on special occasions. After all, drinking coffee at some social occasions seems a little out-of-place, unless of course, it is at a family member’s house where I can just go and put the kettle on.

Despite my huge liquid intake, when I went to the gym, I was surprised to find that I was dehydrated, well at least, according to their special scales which measures body fat other goodies.You just can’t beat good old water of course for keeping the body hydrated amongst the other benefits that it has. Funnily enough, it doesn’t count in large amounts of tea and coffee!

SoCS Liquid
Hugh’s Photo Challenge: Week 1 – What Did You Eat For Breakfast? — October 11, 2015

Hugh’s Photo Challenge: Week 1 – What Did You Eat For Breakfast?

Hugh has started a new photo challenge to celebrate the launch of his Instagram account which you can take part in here. I thought I would like to have a go at this, as not only does it seem like great fun, but I need all the practice I can get with taking photos for my blog, as I have had a few, ahem, fails!

Anyway, if you haven’t checked out Hugh’s blog then you are missing out on all sorts of goodies; everything from his spooky short stories to his ‘Digging Deep posts that take us back into the past. Added to that, he is also one of the founding members that organized the Annual Bloggers Bash this year, and if that isn’t enough, he gives us lots of helpful tips and advice to help us out.

This was what I had for breakfast this morning:

Granola with chunks of apple

I love granola but have to be careful as it does  have quite a high sugar content. Also, for some strange reason, I am starving hungry about an hour after eating it, so that is why I bulked it out with a bit of apple. This was accompanied by the obligatory mug of tea, that I need in the mornings in order to be able to function!

Tj’s Household Haiku Challenge: ‘Teacosy’ — October 10, 2015

Tj’s Household Haiku Challenge: ‘Teacosy’

Well, I have gone and done it this week! TJ has chosen ‘teacosy’ as the household item and has written a wonderful Haiku accompanied by a really fun teacosy.

I have just turned out my drawers (ooo er Missus), looking for my tea cosy. It’s gone! I had one from 20 years ago that was part of a whole range of tableware which I collected. I can’t even find an image it online, so, I will have find one that I like the look of instead! This one is very like the ones my nan used to knit.

A good cup of tea

Warm and cosy from the pot

Answer to all ills.

TJ’s Household Haiku Challenge – Teacup. — October 3, 2015

TJ’s Household Haiku Challenge – Teacup.

This week for TJ’s Household Haiku Challenge we are to use ‘teacup’. I took this photo at my sister’s house as she always makes an occasion out of it when she has visitors. In my house, you get a mug and like it, but hers you get a pretty cup and saucer and tea made in the teapot too!

So onto the haiku:

Glorious sunshine

sipping tea in the garden….

but where is the cake?

Episode 382: Tea Parties and Trips! — June 19, 2015

Episode 382: Tea Parties and Trips!

Yesterday was Mum’s 83rd birthday. She had invited my two sisters and myself  with our families for tea. The weather could not have been nicer and we only live a few minutes walk away which is handy.

Both of my sisters were there when we got there and one of my nieces. It was great to eat outside in the garden and also catch up with each other as we had not managed to spend all that much time together lately. Later my nephew and other niece and her husband joined us as well which completed our little tea-party,

My sister had set up the table and chairs on the raised patio so there was not a huge amount of room around it to walk freely. Mr Grump had partaken of a couple of beers and went to help himself to something to eat from the table. Unfortunately, he tripped over a quadruple plant pot type arrangement filled with compost, which upended and went everywhere; this had Mum tutting at the mess.

She also has these huge planter type boxes as well which Mr Grump fell against when he tripped. Seeing her chance, my little sister gave him a shove which sent him reeling back straight into it, squashing Mum’s plants. That set the rest of us off laughing, especially as Mum was telling my sister off for pushing him in!

Ahhhh, Just like the old days!

Into the Planter.

Episode 344: Here Comes Summer! — May 26, 2015

Episode 344: Here Comes Summer!

What a pleasant day it turned out to be today. As we have just had a Bank Holiday, and the kids are off on half-term, the weather forecast had been rather gloomy for this week (typical), so to see the sun shining this morning was a bonus.

Yesterday my younger sister had given me some cucumber and tomato seedlings, 2 sunflower seedlings and some sweet peas to put in my garden as Mr Grump has not planted anything this year. Luckily, the rosemary, chives and rhubarb we had previously as well as my roses, are doing pretty well, so our garden will not be too sparse this year after all!

Anyway, Miss Hap was out with her friend for the day so I got on with a bit of housework, but had a nice unexpected visit from my sister-in-law. We then went off to pick up my little sister from work and went back to her house to sit out in the garden for while.

My sister (Masterchef) likes to makes an occasion our of everything, we sat outside drinking Earl Grey tea from pretty china cups (she kept glancing over at me as I am usually not to be trusted with anything delicate due to my clumsiness) and tucking into a huge platter of cheese, gammon, feta cheese and biscuits.

It was so lovely sitting there chatting, as we rarely get to spend time with each other. The garden looked beautiful with the flowers and plants just coming to life, the sun was shining,and we all were laughing. It was such a simple pleasure, but gave me a much-needed boost to my mood!

Oh and when I got home I got sunburnt – but of course being me, it is only on the one arm! Classy! 🙂

Episode 193: The Best Of British! — March 3, 2015

Episode 193: The Best Of British!

Us Brits are a breed apart you know. We have our own little ways that make us stand out from the crowd. We may be a small little island, but we know how to make our make on the world! This is the kind of thing that puts the’ Great’ into Great Britain.

  • You can tell a Brit on holiday a mile off. We are the ones that are burned to a deep shade of lobster red, on the vast expanse of exposed skin we have on display. Why bother with suncream? We are determined to get a tan and we don’t go in for sunblock,Oh no, that is for sissies!
  • Similarly the Brit abroad is going to seek out the only English cafe/pub around so that they can continue to eat the kind of food that they are used to, Why would they want to try the local cuisine and experience something new when they can get fish and chips  and a pint of lager at Joe’s Cafe!
  • Over in our own country, in the summer, whatever the weather, you will often find the hardy Brit swimming in the sea when it is pouring with rain, and ‘sunbathing’ on the beach in a swimming costume when there is no sun to be seen! (seriously, I am guilty of both of these). It is summertime, You are at the beach. You will bloody well enjoy yourself. This was how I was brought up!
  • We apologise for everything! If someone barges into us, we say sorry.Even if we bump into a lamp-post we apologise!
  • We queue for everything! Yes us Brits do love a queue; everywhere from supermarkets to the loos! Woe betide anyone that tries to jump the queue though! You will get some serious dirty looks, and someone might even be brave enough to tell you off!
  • Tea is the curer of all ills. If you have had a shock, a cup of tea will calm you down. Feeling peaky? Have a nice cup of tea. Also if you want any work doing by anyone, you need to have a tea on tap! It’s the workmen’s fuel (together with a bacon butty)!
  • We are very modest, It is very bad form to ‘blow your own trumpet’ so if someone gives us a compliment they will wish they hadn’t! We will turn it around, and put ourselves down, and make you feel dreadful for daring to mention how wonderful we are!

So there you have it, the best of British in a nutshell!!

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