Hugh has started a new photo challenge to celebrate the launch of his Instagram account which you can take part in here. I thought I would like to have a go at this, as not only does it seem like great fun, but I need all the practice I can get with taking photos for my blog, as I have had a few, ahem, fails!

Anyway, if you haven’t checked out Hugh’s blog then you are missing out on all sorts of goodies; everything from his spooky short stories to his ‘Digging Deep posts that take us back into the past. Added to that, he is also one of the founding members that organized the Annual Bloggers Bash this year, and if that isn’t enough, he gives us lots of helpful tips and advice to help us out.

This was what I had for breakfast this morning:

Granola with chunks of apple

I love granola but have to be careful as it does  have quite a high sugar content. Also, for some strange reason, I am starving hungry about an hour after eating it, so that is why I bulked it out with a bit of apple. This was accompanied by the obligatory mug of tea, that I need in the mornings in order to be able to function!