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#SoCS Picture — March 24, 2018

#SoCS Picture

This week Linda has given us, picture for our Stream of Consciousness posts, which can be used as follows: Write about, or theme your post on the first picture you see when you sit down to start writing. You don’t need to describe the picture necessarily–you can even put yourself in it if you’re not already there. Enjoy!

Well, the first picture or rather pictures that I saw when I sat down to write were the ones that are in my images folder that I use for my blog. A couple of weeks ago my blog was reset to an earlier date due to some running problems. After spending nearly two full days in contact with technical support to get the blog to this point, I was so happy to see that it returned, that I didn’t realise there was a fatal flaw – no images were showing up on the posts or in my media!

The very first ones on my blog and also the homepage images were there so that is why I didn’t realise there was anything amiss. Last night though, the penny dropped! Where were all the images hiding? The only ones in my media were those that I had recently uploaded. I did a bit of poking around, to see if I could figure out where they had gone, then eventually turned to my ever faithful friend Mr Google, for some answers.

I was not impressed with the complicated procedures regarding file permissions and other stuff that I didn’t understand, but despite, messing up my blog before by tinkering with stuff I have no clue about, I managed to change them but still no difference. Another suggestion by my helpful friend was to re-upload the entire lot as they could have got ‘lost’ during the reset. Bugger, that is going to take time. Luckily this blog is not that old, but I still have loads of posts to sort out.

Not only do I have to re-upload them but of course, I need to re-assign them to the particular post they were meant for! I have started on this mammoth task, but it is going to take ages. Please bear with my rather naked blog if you find it imageless, I am working on it!

I just wanted to put you in the picture!

SoCS picture
Episode 456: Free-For-All Friday #24 — August 14, 2015

Episode 456: Free-For-All Friday #24

This week has been a little topsy-turvy for me as I have done a couple of night shifts which I don’t usually do. and as a result, have not had as much time as I would have liked to dedicate to my blog. or anyone else’s.

However, despite only having a couple of blogs this week, they are well worth a mention, and definitely worth a visit.

Terri Webster Schrandt This post is a great story which touched my heart.

Yesterday After I have not long been following this blog, but there is so much to see there. I love pretty things and this post is beautiful.

Just a little to tickle your fancy this week!

Happy Friday. 🙂

Episode 454: One-Liner Wednesday: Like Mother, Like Daughter! — August 12, 2015
Episode 342: WordPress Weirdness! — May 24, 2015

Episode 342: WordPress Weirdness!

I know some people have mentioned about missing comments, and other weird happenings on WordPress lately and I have noticed a few odd things myself.

Just now I had 49 comments in my spam folder which is utterly unheard of for me, as usually I just get 4 or 5 at most. Some of these however, were from people whose blogs I follow and are regular commenters!

Luckily I checked through them and restored them, but it is very annoying, I am always extremely happy when people take the time to comment and I reply back as soon as I can to EVERY comment.

I just want to say that if I do not reply within 24 hours to your comment then it is because I haven’t seen it. I really so not want anyone to think that I am being rude as I appreciate hearing from people.

I hope WordPress sort themselves out!

Episode 329: You Know You Are Addicted to Blogging When…… — May 14, 2015

Episode 329: You Know You Are Addicted to Blogging When……

  • One of the first things you do in the morning is to log on to see whether you have any comments or not.
  • You have the ‘WordPress’ App on every device you own and are not afraid to use it!
  • Even when at work, as soon as you have a break, you check your mobile phone for notifications.
  • Whenever something happens, especially if it is funny, you have to blog about it.
  • You have to put your mobile on ‘silent’ at night, because if you hear it vibrate you cannot rest until you have looked at it to see if it is a notification from WordPress.
  • Your family knows exactly where to find you…at your laptop blogging.
  • In conversation, you find yourself saying…”Oh yes, I read/heard about that on (insert blog name).”
  • You find yourself becoming interested in statistics for once in your life, just so you can figure out how many ‘hits’ you have had!
  • You lap up any information you can that gives hints and tips on becoming a better blogger!
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