I don’t usually like to write about celebrities as we get to hear enough about them as it is, but I just had to mention Kanye West’s ‘fashion’ show to see whether it was just me that was getting old and past it…..

From what I understand, Mr West has teamed up with Adidas and come up with a range of ‘clothing’ (that term is used very loosely) which was shown off at New York Fashion Week. So proud was Kim Kardashian of her husband that she allowed him to ‘dress’ her (I know they have minions to do everything for them but really…) in one of his outfits.

The thing is…it looks like she has forgotten to put her clothes on! The whole thing looks like rather unsexy underwear, Why would you want to wear a sports bra. granny knickers and long johns as outer wear?! Oh I forgot, she has a lovely camouflage jacket over the top, presumably to give everything that ‘urban’ look or something.

The models were the most miserable looking bunch I have seen for a long time! Most of them  had on what looked like the gusset of a pair of tights on their heads. Why? Were they going off to rob a bank or something afterwards? (Perhaps to rustle up a bit of cash to buy some proper clothes).

They too had on sports bras, body stockings, pop socks and Bridget Jones’ pants all layered and mismatched. It was quite an ugly spectacle to behold. No wonder poor little North kicked off and had to be carried out!

Am I missing something and just an old fuddy-duddy?