We’ve all had those days… you’re feeling a little down in the dumps, and need cheering up. You decide on a whim to go and get a haircut. After all, if your hair looks good then you feel good. Only your hair doesn’t look good. Someone is going to pay!

Apparently, a gentleman in the USA had this problem. He went to have his hair cut , but was not pleased with the results or the price so he did what any other sane person would do…. and trashed the salon, kicking a hole in the wall and chucking a candle display about. He also got a bit angry with the staff, feeling that he was ripped off after being charged $50 for the new do! He had the cheek to return later and asked for a re-style, The staff refused and he got arrested!

Oh I admire his nerve! I have had my fair share of bad haircuts in the past. Remember when the spiral perm was ‘in’? All those lovely corkscrew curls cascading down your back. I was desperate for one. I had long hair which was neither straight nor curly (kinky is the word). Anyway, I saved my money until I could afford it and trotted off to the salon in excitement.

I was a bit concerned that the hairdresser was doing my hair in exactly the same way as they would a normal perm, but kept quiet as I know nothing about hair. Anyway  a good few hours later and the finished result…..a much shorter, frizz bush of a hairstyle which frankly, looked awful! Not for me the long, lustrous, twirly curls I had anticipated. Of course I said nothing and left considerably lighter in hair, and in pocket!

The other occasion was getting my hair highlighted. Again I had very long hair, but I thought it needed a bit of a lift and highlights were going to do just that. I decided that I would save myself a bit of money (it’s not going to end well) and go as a ‘model’ at the salon.

This meant that a student would be let loose on my hair but would be supervised every step of the way by a senior stylist. It would cost a lot less too. Great, I trotted off, this time expecting that I was going to come out with brighter, shinier blonde hair, with that ‘natural’ sun-bleached look.

The student was very lovely, a little nervous, but that was to be expected. The first thing was she asked me to stand up whilst she brushed my hair through as it was long and kept catching on the back of the chair, I did this, but felt a little self-conscious. The next thing was she put one of those  caps on my head (I could sit down now) with holes in, Funny. I thought I was going to get some foils.

The supervisor glanced over now and again but without concern, so I just let the student get on with it. It was pretty hard to keep quiet though when she dug that crochet hook thing into a hole in the cap and dragged a long strand of my hair through. It did make me wince a bit. and my eyes water rather a lot, nor to mention the odd ‘owww’ and ‘oooh’ that escaped during the torture procedure!

Eventually, several hours later I exited the salon with hair exactly the same shade as when I went in and a bloody sore head! Of course when asked what I thought, I wimped out and said it was lovely (and gave a tip)!

I’m a lot older and wiser now and much more assertive so wouldn’t put up with a dodgy haircut now. However, bad it may look, I still wouldn’t be kicking holes in the walls though!