For my ‘Be Wonderful on Wednesday’ post on The Unity of Humanity, I have chosen to focus on humour,

No matter what race. gender, colour, creed or sexual orientation we are, everyone likes to laugh, it is universal. You only have to look at young children playing together, from even the most disadvantaged backgrounds, to see that they still manage to find something to laugh about.

Most of us have a sense of humour; even the most dour amongst us will find something that makes them laugh (particularly if it is at someone else’s expense)! I know I am pretty bad at laughing at the wrong times as well. Mr Grump once hit his head on the shelf above the radiator when he was taking some dry washing off of it. He clutched his head and went to the floor in a dramatic movement, making a hell of a fuss, Meanwhile I was helpless with laughter, doubled over. It was my mum also clucking round him that made me worse! (He was ok, by the way, a little scratch and a bit of a bump, but ok).

I feel that humour has a way of uniting people. If we look at some of the comedians like Eddie Murphy for example. He has been in many funny films that people have enjoyed and even his voice as ‘Donkey’ in Shrek, makes me laugh. I roared my head off at the movie ‘East is East’ which was mainly about the trials of an Indian family growing up in England in the 1970s.

I absolutely love Stephen Fry; I think he is one of the most intelligent and witty people alive, he also happens to be gay, as does Graham Norton, Ellen de Generes and a host of other comedians. No-one has the monopoly on being funny and being able to make others laugh, just the same as you don’t have to belong to a particular group to be able to laugh.

Another one of my favourite comedians is Omid Djalili, although born in England, his parents are Iranian, I love his humour as he takes the mickey out of himself, and everyone else as well, he just doesn’t care. An interesting fact that I discovered whilst researching his origins, is that he belongs to a faith  called Baha’i. which is a religion which endorses the unity of humankind, to me, that says it all.

Unity in love, respect, tolerance, and of course humour  would make the world such a better place.