I know us Brits are always talking (or should I say moaning) about the weather. If we get a really hot day then we complain that we are exhausted,and can’t sleep because of the heat. We don’t like the rain, loathe the snow (especially as the whole country comes to a standstill) detest the wind, and our favourite, whinge about the cold.

Well in the last half and hour, we have had something for everyone! It started off quite mild and pleasantly warm, then suddenly the sky went really dark and we had an unexpected hailstorm (you can see in the pic the hail that settled on the top of the ledge in the garden).


That lasted for about 5 minutes then I noticed there was a lovely rainbow as the sun was starting to come out. (You can just see it between the trees)


I turned to the left and there was a lovely blue sky and fluffy white clouds as you can see.


Now everybody should be happy, as we have had the lot all in one go!