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Rain, Rain, Go Away, It’s Supposed to be Summer! — June 1, 2018

Rain, Rain, Go Away, It’s Supposed to be Summer!

It is probably no surprise that I am writing about the weather again, as I have done here but this torrential rain that we are having at the moment is rather getting on my nerves!

I know I am obsessed with the weather

But really it can be such a pain

One minute it’s so hot and stifling

The next it is lashing with rain.

The sky can change in an instant

From a beautiful and calming deep blue

To an angry dark looking monster

Belching out thunder and lightning bolts too!

Ear-splitting, eye-popping drama

A month’s worth of rain in one day

Floods causing chaos and destruction

It’s about time the rain went away!

It causes me quite a dilemma

As I want to be suitably dressed

If I’m attired in a summery outfit

And get soaked I won’t be impressed!

Five Things I Hate About Winter — November 30, 2017

Five Things I Hate About Winter

The recent cold weather assures me that winter is well and truly on its way now. Although it does have many good points,  which you can check out here,  these are some of the things that I hate about it!

Well least, I would if I didn’t have my husband to do it for me! I am lucky in that Mr Grump will defrost my car when he comes back from taking the dog out for her early morning walk.

Coats are so bulky to drive in, so I take it off. Then put it on again (if it is really cold), then take it off…As soon as I go into a warm room I get boiling hot, so despite the freezing conditions outside, I rarely wear jumpers in case I combust!

Although the rain looks fine and wispy, it doesn’t take long before it soaks right through you. I would rather just have a downpour and be done with it!

Getting up at dark o’clock and coming home from work in the dark makes winter pretty drab and depressing.

Constantly! Despite always trying my best to protect myself again those winter germs, and religiously getting my flu jab, I always end up getting at least one nasty cold.

What bugs you about winter?!

Ronovan’s Writes Weekly Haiku Poetry Prompt Challenge #89: ‘Shower’ & ‘Play’ — March 21, 2016
Episode 493: The Death of Summer Haiku — September 12, 2015

Episode 493: The Death of Summer Haiku

Yesterday was such a beautiful day. I went to a friend’s wedding with my sister.It was warm and sunny and we decided to get a few photos out in her garden before we went. Today after a bit of rain, it did clear up a bit, but as you can see from my garden photos, the sunflower is dead now. We are still getting visits from Tubs and his Mrs (they are perched on top of the fence) for now, but summer is fading away.

Last days of summer

final gasp of heat and warmth…

hard to say goodbye.

Summer Haiku

Episode 483: Seven Signs That Summer is Almost Over — September 5, 2015

Episode 483: Seven Signs That Summer is Almost Over

  1. The last little rose has poked  its head out of the now mass of leaves, (some of which are turning brown) and it won’t be long before they are cut back for next year.
  2. The blankets are out! Yes, the weather is turning chillier, and we all have our little blankets that we like to snuggle under in our house. Roxy nicked my place on the settee and Mr Grump fussed around setting her down so she is warm and snug
  3. The nights are drawing in very rapidly; it is now getting dark so much earlier in the evening and, unfortunately, the early mornings are also getting darker making it harder to get up.
  4. The dressing gowns are coming out of hibernation as well now, It won’t be long before the fleecy pyjamas get an airing either!
  5. Only the true stalwarts are still cutting about in shorts! I know the English like to get them on as soon as it is either officially ‘summer’ regardless of weather, or we get a bit of decent sunshine regardless of the season!
  6. The colds and flu have started already! Yes, as some of you know, Mr Grump has already got ‘man flu’ and no doubt the rest of us will end up succumbing to it!
  7. All the Christmas stuff has started making its way into the shops! Gah!

Roxy Snuggling

Episode 469: Five Fashion Favourites for Foul Weather! — August 23, 2015

Episode 469: Five Fashion Favourites for Foul Weather!

We have had a few heavy downpours today as the weather is so hot and humid. I thought it might be a bit of fun to share with you some wet weather gear from past and present, designed to keep us dry whilst keeping an eye on fashion (well, whatever it was at the time anyway):

I remember my Nan had one of these. She never went anywhere without it and it folded down into around an inch square. By the time she unwrapped it, her little bit of candy floss hair was soaked!!


The good old mushroom brolly. I remember walking to the bus stop after school smoking, when this umbrella barged into me and demanded to know my name and which form I was in. Underneath this mushroom lurked a very short, bad-tempered teacher, who was well-hidden in its depths. She reported me!

Mushroom Brolly

These head umbrellas were quite popular. I was going to share with you a photo of my brother sporting one of these along with his 80’s perm and sunglasses (?) but I value my life too much for that, so here it is modelled by a head instead.Head unbrella.

Of course, you can’t leave your little four-legged friend to get soaked so here is one for the pampered pooch.

Doggy Raincoat

Now, I have saved the very best till last. This needs no explanation other than WHAT THE HELL WAS SHE THINKING?!!!


Episode 460: Grieving Flower. — August 16, 2015
Episode 350: 4 Seasons in 30 Mins! — May 29, 2015

Episode 350: 4 Seasons in 30 Mins!

I know us Brits are always talking (or should I say moaning) about the weather. If we get a really hot day then we complain that we are exhausted,and can’t sleep because of the heat. We don’t like the rain, loathe the snow (especially as the whole country comes to a standstill) detest the wind, and our favourite, whinge about the cold.

Well in the last half and hour, we have had something for everyone! It started off quite mild and pleasantly warm, then suddenly the sky went really dark and we had an unexpected hailstorm (you can see in the pic the hail that settled on the top of the ledge in the garden).


That lasted for about 5 minutes then I noticed there was a lovely rainbow as the sun was starting to come out. (You can just see it between the trees)


I turned to the left and there was a lovely blue sky and fluffy white clouds as you can see.


Now everybody should be happy, as we have had the lot all in one go!

Episode 193: The Best Of British! — March 3, 2015

Episode 193: The Best Of British!

Us Brits are a breed apart you know. We have our own little ways that make us stand out from the crowd. We may be a small little island, but we know how to make our make on the world! This is the kind of thing that puts the’ Great’ into Great Britain.

  • You can tell a Brit on holiday a mile off. We are the ones that are burned to a deep shade of lobster red, on the vast expanse of exposed skin we have on display. Why bother with suncream? We are determined to get a tan and we don’t go in for sunblock,Oh no, that is for sissies!
  • Similarly the Brit abroad is going to seek out the only English cafe/pub around so that they can continue to eat the kind of food that they are used to, Why would they want to try the local cuisine and experience something new when they can get fish and chips  and a pint of lager at Joe’s Cafe!
  • Over in our own country, in the summer, whatever the weather, you will often find the hardy Brit swimming in the sea when it is pouring with rain, and ‘sunbathing’ on the beach in a swimming costume when there is no sun to be seen! (seriously, I am guilty of both of these). It is summertime, You are at the beach. You will bloody well enjoy yourself. This was how I was brought up!
  • We apologise for everything! If someone barges into us, we say sorry.Even if we bump into a lamp-post we apologise!
  • We queue for everything! Yes us Brits do love a queue; everywhere from supermarkets to the loos! Woe betide anyone that tries to jump the queue though! You will get some serious dirty looks, and someone might even be brave enough to tell you off!
  • Tea is the curer of all ills. If you have had a shock, a cup of tea will calm you down. Feeling peaky? Have a nice cup of tea. Also if you want any work doing by anyone, you need to have a tea on tap! It’s the workmen’s fuel (together with a bacon butty)!
  • We are very modest, It is very bad form to ‘blow your own trumpet’ so if someone gives us a compliment they will wish they hadn’t! We will turn it around, and put ourselves down, and make you feel dreadful for daring to mention how wonderful we are!

So there you have it, the best of British in a nutshell!!

Episode 172: Don’t You Just Hate It When…. — February 20, 2015

Episode 172: Don’t You Just Hate It When….

We all have those moments in life. You know, the little irritations that serve no purpose other than to make your day just that little bit duller. Here are some of the things that really wind me up……

  • You have taken ages styling and straightening your hair (or have just been to the hairdressers) then get caught in a rainstorm (with no brolly)!
  • You get an unexpected cash windfall – then your car breaks down and is going to cost a fortune to repair. Those shoes will have to wait.
  • It’s taken ages to get off to sleep, but just as you feel yourself slipping off, you have a desperate urge to go to the loo.
  • You have spent ages cleaning the bathroom, and someone wants to have a bath.
  • You’re excited with the perfect gift you have bought for someone’s birthday – and someone else has bought it as well.
  • You save up for ages to buy something expensive, only to find it is in the sale a few days later!
  • You are invited to a friend’s house, and knock coffee all over her pristine carpet.
  • Your other half has mixed the loads in the washing machine again. Grey bras are not attractive!
  • You are desperate to go to the loo when you get to work, then realise there is no loo roll AFTER you have already been!
  • You realise you can’t walk in those gorgeous high heels that you just bought.
  • You go to use your best mascara only to find your daughter has been ‘practicing her make-up skills’ with it, and there is none left,
  • You go to read an old favourite book, only to remember you loaned it to someone ages ago!
  • You start to write a blog post and run out of ideas half-way through!!

What little niggles wind you up?

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