Miss Hap is very close to some of her cousins and in this photo she is with my youngest sister’s daughter.

It’s quite funny really, because when she was very young, my niece was always mistaken for my child, to the point where people often commented how much she was the spitting image of me. I never really minded though as I saw it as a compliment, although she has a very different personality to me,being much more outgoing and friendly!

Miss Hap and I look nothing alike, even though when she was younger I would sometimes dress her in a kind of junior version of what I was wearing (poor child)! She has though inherited the ‘clumsy’ gene, tripping over her own feet, and knocking stuff over. Of course, when this happens with family around,Β she then gets told that she is ‘just like her mother,’ which is very unfortunate for her.

The pair of them, despite being so different in looks, are very similar in personality. They can both be pretty feisty, but are very affectionate and loving as well when they want to be. Despite the 16 year age gap between them, they get on really well together, and although Miss Hap started out grumpy when this photo was taken, her cousin soon got her into a good mood!