You know, I was thinking that trying to write a paragraph without using an ‘e’ as I did for a challenge yesterday, is a lot like trying to get through life!

We each start with a blank screen, and it is up to us to decide what we are going to do with it. Will we be able to write a paragraph, a few lines, or stumble after a couple of words as we don’t have a vital ingredient needed to come up with a best-selling novel?

Some people will use the lack of this vital ingredient for an excuse as to why they cannot do a good job; perhaps blaming a lack of education to know how to do it differently, or maybe a shortage of funds to be able to buy the relevant missing piece needed. It could be that they do not feel they have enough support motivate them to even try.

Others however, will just get on with it! They might try to make something that, although not perfect, fits well enough that they still have done a wonderful job. It could be that they go as far as they can with the materials they have, in complete contentment with what they have achieved. Certain people might decide to go out and learn how to do things for themselves in order to get that novel finished, or work together in a group supporting each other’s attempts to get through.

I know when originally faced with the challenge I thought it would be too difficult, but I wanted to at least have a go. After all, we all have certain resources available to us, it just depends on whether or not we choose to use them.