Now for today’s Tidbit I thought I would share with you a story that was recently in the news.

A young man  who had been out of work for ages, finally got himself a job as a delivery driver of a fish van. However, whilst he was parked up, a Mini suddenly come hurtling into the back of the van causing some damage.

A young woman got out of the car, and they exchanged insurance details. The poor young man went back to base thinking he was going to lose this job before he had really got started.

However, his boss looked over the footage that was taken from the back of the van, and it seemed that it was not his fault at all. The young lady had been seen removing her ‘Rampant Rabbit’ from inside her trousers before fastening them and getting out of the car.

She must have been some sort of contortionist to manage inserting the device, using the steering wheel ,and changing gears! It seemed like in the throes of passion with her ‘little friend’ she rammed her foot on the gas pedal and smashed into the fish van!

You couldn’t make it up!