Let’s try something new tonight

Our love life is such a bore

The 10-minute bonk once a month

Has become another chore!

We need to add a bit of spice

To get the juices flowing

What about some dressing up?

That might get us going!

You make a sexy doctor

In your scrubs and stethoscope

It’s been a while since I felt the urge

 To have a little grope!

Come here and have a listen

To the beating in my chest

Then thrust your tongue inside my mouth

As your hands caress my breasts.

I feel you growing harder,

As I stroke along your length

My breathing is getting faster

And I’m losing all my strength

As you slip inside me.

My legs wrapped around your waist

I kiss you deeply, probing

Savouring your taste.

The pounding and the arching

And then the final thrust

Then follows the explosion

Of pure, unbridled lust.

My breathing back to normal

Clothes are re-arranged

“Nurse, hurry with that linen

There are patients to be changed!”