Quick, get your entries in for Aurora’s Haloween Poem contest, You have 4 1/2 days left! I have joined in the fun as you can see!

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Writer's Treasure Chest

We proudly present the fourth collection of contest submissions for the
1st Halloween-poem contest.


(by Camberon Rombért)

The mind is in need of stretching can be a dangerous lesson

To teach; it does a lot of assuming on the part of the part of the pupil,

in terms of flexibility. It’s the Experiment of the Eye.

Later, some years when the lesson’s still fresh, you’ll see the demise of your last sanctuary, you’ll hear the gunshots always. Why, why did I see the dreadful Eye?

Why was it looking at me?

Given everything in an objective view I can’t see how it would ever turn out differently.

What terrified, what could never be explained,

Has given me perspective, has made corporeal the things I didn’t see.


Happy Halloween

(by CJ Corbi)

It’s just a house

                      With decorations.


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