I wanted to write a short post to update you on how things are going now that it is just over the midway point for NaNoWriMo. I have managed to plough full speed ahead at the moment and have so far reached the dizzying heights of 36 858 words! I am beyond thrilled to be on target to complete the challenge, plus write my first ever novelette (well if it is worth editing I will at least)!!

I have also been lucky enough to have won a cover designed by the hugely talented  author Jo Robinson. I am not going to reveal it on my blog until the end of November, but suffice it to say, it not only fits my book perfectly but is absolutely stunning.

As far as work goes, apart from being shattered when I get home (still not used to full-time yet), I am enjoying it. My main problem at the ment is finding my way around some of the more rural areas.

On Friday I got totally lost! I had given myself plenty of time to get to this address which I knew was somewhere out in the countryside. Mr Satnav guided me out into the middle of nowhere. The roads were getting smaller and smaller as I meandered higher and higher through the North downs. I eventually found a little cluster of houses which was my ‘destination.’ None of them had the house name I was looking for so I kept going.

Tim my Satnav friend was cross and demanded I ‘turn around’, Easier said than done with those skinny roads! I did eventually head back down to the same cluster of houses, and seeing a man outside accosted him, asking him for his postcode, He confirmed that it was the same as the one I had been given but there was no house name around there with the name I was looking for.

Frustrated, I phoned the office to check the postcode, Needless to say, the  systems were down but they found it on a printout and it was as I had already got. I phoned the patient who told me he was just by the pub, That was good news as I had passed a pub not too far away,

I went back there and still nothing. I saw a man walking along the road and asked him if he knew of the house. He didn’t, He was friendly though and I phoned my patient back for directions from the pub, and realised that it was a totally different one altogether! Luckily that man I had asked knew of it, but it was a little ‘complicated’ to get to! Well, of course it would be.

His directions were brilliant though and I finally found the place I was looking for. My patient was highly amused to hear of my little jaunt in the country as the motorway was literally around the corner! I could have made the trip in less than half the time it took me in the end! The ‘Y’ on the postcode was actually a ‘U’ and that little letter made one hell of a big difference!