I know I wrote this last year, but I thought I would give it another airing for those of you who are currently participating in NaBloPoMo!

Edwina's Episodes

I set myself a challenge

To write a post a day

For the whole month of November

Well, I have a lot to say!

I started pretty strongly

My brain was in top form

The words were flowing freely

Was this going to be the norm?

I followed other bloggers

And commented on their work

So many talented people

Makes me feel like a jerk!

For I am still a novice

And have such a long way to go

My creative juices are ebbing

And it’s still NaBloPoMo!

I’ve looked for inspiration

But it hasn’t come my way

So now I’m going to struggle

To write a post a day!

I’m not going to fail this

I can’t, I’ve just begun

But these words of desperation

Means that today’s post has been done!

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