Now I admit that I am a bit of a wimp when it comes to creepy crawlies etc, and of course now that summer is well and truly on its way, I am going to be constantly nagging Mr Grump to come and deal with any that happen to get in my way!

I have tried to be really careful that I do not pass this trait down to Miss Hap but it seems I have failed. Around 6am this morning when I was eating my breakfast and Mr Grump was out with the dog, she came thundering down the stairs in rather a hurry! This in itself was unusual because normally it takes forever to get her up and motivated on a school day and also she does not like to hurry, especially in the mornings.

It turns out there was a HUGE (her words) spider in her room and I needed to go and get it out immediately. Well I am afraid to say, I wasn’t going! I had already had a run in with a daddy-long-legs that dive-bombed me whilst I was on the loo, and that was far closer than I was going to get to any spiders.Β Mr Grump was still out, so after 10 mins Miss Hap decided (with my encouragement) that it had probably scuttled off somewhere else and to go back to bed.

At break time today at work, three of us went to sit on the smoker’s bench just by the car park (I haven’t restarted smoking, but way too hot to stay indoors). The nurse sitting next to me on the bench started flailing about screaming, so I jumped up as well as she said something was in her hair!

She managed to flick it off and it turned out to be this little chap. I have never seen a spider like him before. He has this almost fluorescent green body (looks radioactive to me) and was running around all over the place.

I wanted to get a pic of him as he was so unusual but was scared to get too close, so this is the end result which is not very good I know, but you can still see the glowing green bit of him! Β Has anyone else seen this weird type of spider.? (Now to us of course, he seemed ENORMOUS but I think he was probably about as big as a thumbnail!