I keep threatening Sacha that I am going to have a go at her Writespiration Challenge but have been a bit scared due to the high calibre of the other writers that participate. However, I decided to jump on in any way, especially as she has dared us to participate this week with the protagonist being LGBT character.  Here goes!

The reflection in the mirror

Told her that she looked just great

The look she had put together

Was just perfect for a date.

The hair so sleek and stylish

The skirt above the knee

The sassy high-heeled sling backs

And the skimpy little tee

She had waited for this moment

For far too many years

Hiding her true feelings

Giving in to all her fears.

Finally she took the plunge

To make her dreams come true

She felt as though she was reborn

And her life could start anew

She sprayed a little perfume

As she walked outside the door

This time as a woman

Not the man she had been before.