Welcome to Wednesday where I choose a wacky, weird or wonderful word that deserves to have its time in the spotlight. The one I have chosen for today is still used quite widely, but it is one that makes me laugh. We all know people like this, and I bet some of us are even guilty of it at times as well…

Skive. Ah yes, this is the shirker, sloping off work early, or nipping out every five minutes for a cig break or a loo stop.  It is the workshy waster wandering off when there is work to be done.  It is also the truant, bunking off school, or dodging disliked lessons, preferring to spend the day somewhere more exciting, yet not risk getting caught.

It is also the malingerer, feigning fake illnesses that stop them from working/going to school.They loaf around lethargically until the miraculous recovery kicks when they have got their way!

Needless to say, I was rubbish at it at school, and the one afternoon I did skive off, I got caught and found myself in the headmistresses office, being told I would NEVER amount to anything! (They were pretty strict in those days).

Have you ever had skiver itis?

Image courtesy of David Costillo Dominici @ Freedigitalphots.net