This morning was like a summer’s day down here in Kent. As I was driving around early this morning on the way to my patients, the sun was so huge and bright, that I could barely see, especially as it was so low in the sky.

I kept trying to get pictures of it and finally the one I got was whilst waiting at some traffic lights! I could hardly even look at it as it  was so strong. This is just unheard of at this time of year.

The other photos I took were just outside of Wye  just past the crown. it was so stunningly beautiful I just had to pull over and take a pic. Although I have lived in this area for years, I suppose I never appreciated the beauty of what was literally on my doorstep.

So, there I was chugging about in my little car with my Christmas tunes blasting out and a beautiful, almost blue sky. Much better than being stuck in an airless  hospital ward!