Wahay it’s Wednesday! This is where I get to play with  wacky, weird or wonderful words. The one I have chosen today has a wonderful ring to it. Its original meaning was to ‘plump with fat’ or to puff up, so of course, this word is right up my street! So here without further ado, I give you….

Chuffed. This is such a happy word, pleased as punch, and thrilled to bits. It is jolly and jovial, ecstatic and exuberant. The feeling you have when things go right for a change, blithe and buoyant, rosy and rapturous, on top of the world (hmmm that sounds familiar)!

The origins of this word make me think of a little bird plumping itself up, and preening with pride, puffing out its little chest. Chirpy, and cheerily hopping about!