Welcome to the first Wacky Wednesday of 2016. I thought it would be fun to carry this on as it seems to e pretty popular. For anyone new to my blog, this is where I get to revive a word that is weird, wacky or wonderful and give it a new lease of life. The English language is so rich and varied with new words being introduced all of the time, that I thought it would be nice to look at words that are not getting the usage they deserve! This week’s word has been suggested to me by GeoffΒ who, being an author, is no stranger to words, wacky or otherwise!

Bombastic.Β Oh. this is a snooty Β stuck up kind of a word. Loving the sound of your own voice, prattling on pretentiously whilst all around are nodding off! It is swaggering self-importantly, indulging in gibber jabber that is grandiose but meaningless.

It awful oration, that is too flowery or flouncy. The speaker needing to get their head out of their arse in order to appeal to the audience. It is inflated egotism, verbal diarrhoea and a load of bull!

Hmmm reminds me of old school assemblies when the head got on her high horse!