Well. what a word we have today for Linda’s Just Jot it January!  ‘mendaciloquent.’ Needless to say, it is not a word that I am familiar with, so I have had to look it up!  According to Encyclo.co.uk, it is ‘telling artful lies.’

I suppose it means the kind of lies, kids like to tell to get themselves out of trouble. “I left my homework on the bus, Miss” type of thing, or perhaps, “Oh, no, it wasn’t me that ate all the biscuits, the dog must have got into the biscuit tin.”

Or maybe it is the tactful husband who values his life, who tells you, “that dress looks lovely on you. Of course  it doesn’t make your bum look big!”

I am not sure what an ‘artful’ lie is, but it sounds pretty smarmy and contrived. The kind of cheesy chat-up line a bloke might chance his arm with, or the fake sincerity that a politician employs at election time!

Whatever it means, I am a pretty rubbish liar at the best of times, so think I will give this one a miss!