Henry Worsley. Image courtesy of Wikipedia

Welcome to another (rather late) Wacky Word Wednesday! This is my chance to find a wacky, weird or wonderful word to give another airing. Today’s word is one that is not used that often anymore, but it has a wonderful sound to it and trips off the tongue nicely.

Bodacious. The intrepid explorer going off into dangers unknown, courageous and confident, maybe even a little cocky at times. The dashing and daring hero, valiantly venturing on momentous missions to win the heart of his love.

It is notorious and noteworthy, lionhearted and lairy, ballsy and brassy! Someone who is brave and bold, undaunted and unflinching about what is ahead. The kind of person handy to have around in a sticky situation, as they are gritty and gutsy and game for anything!

As I was writing this post, it came to me that ‘bodacious’ pretty much sums up the explorer Henry Worsley. Tragically, he died recently as he attempted to cross the Antarctic, solo and unaided. He was only thirty miles short before he became severely dehydrated and had to call for help. It was too late to save him. 

He tried, though, and not only that,  raised a hell of a lot of money before he went,  for injured service men and women (he himself was a lieutenant colonel). An amazing adventurer, officer and gentleman who will no doubt, be sorely missed.