Free for all Friday

I can hardly believe how quickly these weeks are flying past! Here we are, Friday again and I have hardly had time to catch my breath! I have had rather a busy week what with one thing and another but have still  found some wonderful posts for you to devour!

Please do go and visit these blogs to see all the other brilliant posts they have written, you certainly don’t want to miss out!

Linda G Hill Linda’s blog has all sorts of goodies on offer, she does ‘One-Liner ‘ Wednesday.’ Stream of Consciousness’, and has just finished running ‘Just Jot it January’ Challenges. I love Linda’s clever use of language, and this post illustrates it perfectly.

Fill Your Own Glass A very topical post that actually many of us can relate to. Karen always puts things into perspective, and I love her way of thinking!

Hummingbird Redemption This was a lovely post by Raphaela. This lady is absolutely amazing, and I love her fortitude and strength!

So although there are only three posts, I am sure you will find plenty more to keep you occupied on each and every one of these brilliant blogs! Enjoy!

Happy Friday!