I loved the prompt for Sacha’s Writespiration  this week, where we are to write about when something is not what it seems!

Tonight he’s feeling lucky

As he chats to the blonde at the bar

She really is a stunner

The best looking girl by far

Her boobs are pert and rounded

Her teeth so pearly white

With hair so long and lustrous

And a bum so firm and tight.

They leave the bar together

And end up at her place

He knows what’s about to happen

And his heart begins to race

He starts to kiss her deeply

And his hands begin to roam

It was not what he expected

When he encounters silicone!

He moves on swiftly upwards

And runs his hands all through her hair

But it feels all hard and bumpy

With the extensions that are there!

His ardour is now waning

As he gropes her peachy bum

And encounters control knickers

That hide a wobbly tum!

This is not what he signed up for

There must be some mistake

This perfect looking woman

Was really just all fake!