Image courtesy of Pixabay

A very special day is here

Because it doesn’t happen much

Cupid gets to play again

Deciding whose heart to touch

Every four years it comes around

For some it is quite thrilling

Getting ready for the moment

Hoping that their partner’s willing!

It takes a lot of courage and

Just a little bit of planning

Keeping so many secrets

Leading to misunderstanding

Making sure the moment’s right

Now what was I going to say?

Oh my God, I’ve lost my nerve

Perhaps another day

Quitting now is stupid

Really, it has to be tonight

Sitting here together

The setting is just right

Under the gleaming moonlight,

Velvet softness of the sky

Will you marry me I ask?

Xcitement  fills the air

Yes, I was hoping you would ask me

Zealous cheering everywhere!