This week for Sacha’s Writespiration prompt we are asked to write about nostalgia that hurt.  For obvious reasons this poem is a little more serious than my usual ones!

I thought my life was over

The day I walked away

Ten years down the drain

Nothing left to say

I gave you everything I had

My heart, my love, my soul

But, you had never loved me

Just wanted to be in control

The day that we got married

You said that I was fat

Just two guests at our wedding

It was over in 10 minutes flat!

Then you became possessive

And wracked with jealousy

Stupidly I was pleased

Thought it meant you cared for me

I always wanted children

 You said you wanted none

Yet an affair I found out later

Had produced your eldest son

I really tried to make it work

But I became so trodden down

The final straw was knowing

That your wife had come to town.

 I left your life with nothing

But a few clothes that I packed

And the freedom to be me again

And to never, ever look back!