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Wednesdays are one of my favourite days, as it when I get the chance to dig up  weird, wacky or just plain wonderful word and give it an airing. This week’s word is one that I always associate with the good old British ‘Carry on Films’ of which of course, I am a fan!

They were packed with double entendres and innuendo, even the character’s names were dodgy most of the time. That is why they appealed to me so much. anyway, without further ado here is the word in question!

Saucy. Bawdy and ribald are all about this word, brash and brazen, even flirty and fresh. This is not a shy word, oh no, more of a salacious and smutty, improper or even indecent kind of invitation where you might get more than you bargained for!

This is also the type of word that is cheeky and cocky; the smart-arse that knows it all, being disrespectful and defiant. The sassy little sod that has an answer for everything and has no respect for authority!