Why not join Colleen at her special St Patrick’s Day tea party. She has got lots of delicious treats in store!

Word Craft: Prose & Poetry

Hello, and good day! Welcome to my tea party! Much like the weekend coffee sharing event from Part-Time Monster, my monthly tea party is where I want to catch up with friends, old and new! This is also a way for me to introduce you to some great new blogs and people that I have virtually met along the way! In addition, I want to share my great love of tea, and all things TEA!

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day I am holding our tea party today to celebrate this March holiday. Come on in and have a seat! I have green tea and Irish tea today with Irish tea cake!

Image credit: Allrecipes.com (Click the link to find the Irish Tea Cake recipe)

You see, I was lucky enough to be named “Colleen,” which means “girl” in Ireland. I have only known two other “Colleen’s”…

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