Check out GGeor’s gory Christmas story!

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christmas partyWe have certainly seen many sides of the festive season in this series and today is no exception. Geoff Le Pard has a story that will make you think twice about having that second bottle of wine before heading home to the family…. there are things in the night…. well I will let you read for yourself… but be prepared…….

The Fourth Plinth by Geoff Le Pard

The world tumbled and tossed as Barry opened his eyes. It’s what booze does, he thought: beer and it’s a slow churning; vodka takes you on a merry go round; and gin pummels you with the full spin cycle. He tried to identify where he was. Outside, for sure. Somewhere public. Paved if his arse told the truth. Where was Dan? He’d been with Dan, he was sure.

A faint smear of memory made him narrow his eyes: Dan getting in a cab…

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