A beautful poem by the ever-romantic Rich.


My Blog Sis Ritu over at butismileanyway Has started a February challenge in which each day we have to produce a post about Love. Check out the original Loveuary Post for details and come and give it a go.
The prompt I have chosen today is.

We crossed a bridge, we scaled a wall

Weve chosen our path, plain sailing for all

Every obstacle reached I held out my hand

You crossed it yourself with sheer will to withstand

You strengthened your wings stood tall and upright

As you flew for the stars I cried at the sight

Such beautiful visions you set through the sky

Shining your light on the world passing by

I reach out to touch you to fly by your side

And up to the heavens we soar and we glide

In loves journey we float in its plan play our part

Always flying together…

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