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#SoCS Armistice — November 11, 2017

#SoCS Armistice

This week Linda has given us arm to use either as a word or as part of a word for our Stream of Consciousness posts. I have chosen to use it as part of the word, Armistice.

Ninety-Nine years ago today, at the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month an Armistice was signed between Germany and the Allies, which went on to signal the end of the First World War or Great War as it was also known.

Despite the terrible stories that emerged, young boys signing up, never to return home to their parents; the appalling conditions in the trenches, atrocities seen that we would never want to experience in our worst nightmares; men shot for being ‘deserters,’ or if they didn’t enlist to go to war, being given a white feather which was a symbol of cowardice, trying to shame them into enlisting, just over twenty years later, there was another World War and many other conflicts followed after that.

So many lives lost and others changed forever. The flashbacks, missing limbs, mental illness and damaged lungs, just some of the horrendous legacies many were left with. The bereaved parents, widowed women and fatherless children left trying to cope not only with their losses but in some cases struggling to survive with no emotional or financial support.


Sadly, it seems in this volatile world that we are living in that life is becoming expendable. We have seen so many instances of gunmen opening fire randomly, killing innocent people, in some cases children. Others have no regard even for their own lives and blow themselves up, often resulting in others being maimed, injured or even killed in the process. Again, lives ruined, families broken irreparably, heartache, pain and suffering.

There has to be another way…..

SoCS Shortcut Armistice








We Will Remember Them — October 26, 2017

We Will Remember Them

I wrote this for those we wish to remember…


He wanted to serve his country

And do his duty as a man

He signed up for the Army

Just as soon as the war began

He just had his nineteenth birthday

And was at the start of his adult life

He had found the perfect woman

That was going to be his wife

She asked him not to leave her

And cried so many tears

He tried to reassure her

To cast aside her fears

The day for him to leave came

She waved as he boarded the train

Little did she know then

She would never see him again

He met with fellow soldiers

Who seemed like decent blokes

They passed the journey laughing

And telling dirty jokes.

The smiles soon left their faces

When they were marched across the mud

And taken to huge trenches

That stank of rotting flesh and blood.

These would be his home now

Along with many other men

He would know no creature comforts

Nor would he see home again

The weather was appalling

His clothes were sopping wet

The food supplies were dwindling

Sometimes stale bread was all he ate.

There were rats all running rampant

He picked lice out of his hair

The constant sound of gunfire

Was almost more than he could bear

Death was all around him

So many friends were shot

His body was wracked with sores now

And his foot had begun to rot.

He had wanted to make a difference

And fight for what he believed

But this never-ending battle

Was worse than he conceived

It was his turn to be lookout

As so many had before

He was weary and dejected

From this bloody, grisly war

He thought about his fiancée

The girl he’d left at home

Tears threatened to engulf him

He felt so desperate and alone

He didn’t feel the bullet

As it pierced right through his brain

His body still and lifeless

His blood, crimson in the rain


I honour all those soldiers

Who lost their lives and died

We indeed will remember them

As we wear our poppies with pride

Tree Style!! — February 28, 2016

Tree Style!!

Winter tree

Majestically it stands there

Surveying all it sees

The winter branches barren

Devoid of lush green leaves.

Yet life is still within it

Just waiting for the spring

When its buds start blooming

And the birds begin to sing

In summer comes its glory

When it wears a party dress

Of several different colours

Its beauty outshines the rest

Then autumn comes a-calling

And it starts a slow striptease

The leaves are changing colour

And are dropping in the breeze

This is the work of nature

Of death and then rebirth

The barren and the beautiful

The treasures from the earth.

RIP Alan Rickman — January 14, 2016

RIP Alan Rickman

Alan Rickman

Today the acting world suffers a sad loss due to the unexpected death of Alan Rickman. He is best known for playing  villains, but particularly Professor Snape from the Harry Potter films. He has got to be one of the bet baddies ever! So very sad that he too had been suffering from cancer. He will be sadly missed.


Someone Just Walked Over My Grave. — September 24, 2015

Someone Just Walked Over My Grave.

“Nooooo, Get it off me!”

My mother’s anguished cries jolted me awake in my makeshift bed. My half-open eyes tried to focus in the darkness of the unfamiliar room. Silence. Eerie, stillness enshrouded me in a cloak of uneasiness. I shuddered, someone had just walked over my grave…


I awoke several hours later to the sound of the TV in the next room. I noticed Mum and Lewis had already got up. My younger sister Kat was stirring in her zed-bed, and  as she stretched and yawned, the bed springs squeaked in protest.

“Did you hear Mum last night Kat?

“No, why, were her and Lewis ‘at it?”

“Don’t be disgusting” I retorted, unnerved that it seemed to have only been me that had heard her.


After waiting an age to use the bathroom. (Eight people + one bathroom + an early start for a long trip = chaos, leg crossing, and frenzied banging on the door) I was hastily eating some toast that my sister-in-law Karen had rustled up for us all.

” Doug, is Bobby up yet? It is unusual for him not to be first up, especially today” Mum looked concerned. The events of the past few days had aged her considerably. Travelling from one end of the country to the other had been traumatic enough at such at time, especially when Nan had not been conscious when they had arrived.

The funeral yesterday had added an extra pallor to her face, highlighting the black smudges under her eyes.

” Please go and wake him up”, she begged Doug and Mark, my two brothers that had slept in the same room as my Uncle Bobby… although us kids never called him Uncle. He was special. Mum’s baby brother (despite now being 36) who was coming to live with us now that Nan had died, and we were all excited.

The boys had been gone for a good ten minutes, then they trooped into the room joined now by my other brother Charles, flanking Mum on all sides.

“We don’t know how to tell you this, Oh God Mum. Bobby is dead!”

The boys caught her as her legs buckled, and we all looked on in horror as an animalistic howl emanated from her body, which was now heaving and quaking with gut-wrenching sobs.

Lewis was by her side in instant, and Karen ushered the rest of us into the kitchen to give them some privacy,  then she went into the bedroom with Charles to check on Bobby, and phone the authorities.

‘He called out for Nan in the middle of the night” Mark informed the rest of us. ” I heard him shout ‘Mum’ twice then he went quiet. I thought he had gone back to sleep.”

“Nan must have come for him in the night” I had the feeling that as Nan had always looked after Bobby and given him all of her love and care since he needed extra, due to him having Muscular Dystrophy that she wanted him to go with her. They had never been apart, and although Mum loved and cherished him, he needed his own mother’s ministrations.


It was rather a palaver getting poor Bobby out of the tiny house. He was after all almost 20 stone with Nan’s loving care, and manoeuvering him down the narrow staircase was a Herculean task. It was accomplished and Bobby was taken to the same undertaker that had just buried my Nan.

Tears and shock were mingled with practicalities of arranging another funeral. Trips into town to order more wreaths. Suitcases unpacked, more groceries bought; schools and workplaces phoned to explained the situation


Evening closed in, dark, cold and miserable, like us.

“I had a dreadful nightmare last night”  blurted out my mother.” I felt like someone was trying to put me into a coffin; Mum was trying to tell me something. ”

I shivered. Someone had walked over my grave….

This is in response to Writing 101. Re-create a single day.

Episode 493: The Death of Summer Haiku — September 12, 2015

Episode 493: The Death of Summer Haiku

Yesterday was such a beautiful day. I went to a friend’s wedding with my sister.It was warm and sunny and we decided to get a few photos out in her garden before we went. Today after a bit of rain, it did clear up a bit, but as you can see from my garden photos, the sunflower is dead now. We are still getting visits from Tubs and his Mrs (they are perched on top of the fence) for now, but summer is fading away.

Last days of summer

final gasp of heat and warmth…

hard to say goodbye.

Summer Haiku

Episode 254: Dead Scary! — March 26, 2015

Episode 254: Dead Scary!

Being a funeral director must be a pretty difficult job. It is not something that everyone would be cut out for. Not only is it very sombre and serious (especially having to deal with grieving relatives), but also exceedingly lonely and eerie. I would certainly not fancy being on my own with a dead body for long.

Imagine, then the shock of one poor German undertaker who was minding his own business, going about his work when suddenly the lid was pushed off the top of a coffin, and a dazed voice asked,

“Where am I?”

Unfortunately, it took a while for the ‘corpse’ to get her answer as the poor undertaker was flat-out, sparko on the floor in a faint! When he regained consciousness, he tentatively looked into the coffin to see two open eyes staring at him. Freaked out he called the paramedics who took the ‘body’ (who by now had a weak pulse), to hospital. Sadly she fell ill died later on.

It turned out that this elderly woman lived in a care home and was found in the morning not breathing by one of the staff. A doctor was called who confirmed the death, then the woman was swiftly taken to the funeral home where she ‘woke up’ and scared the poor worker half to death!

The police have now got involved as they feel an explanation is needed by the care home as to why the death was improperly recorded. Meanwhile, the owner of the home is livid as they have become a bit of a joke with the press and the locals!  I wouldn’t have thought the poor lady was that chuffed either when she awoke to find herself in a coffin!

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