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A Look Back at 2017, in Blog Posts. — December 31, 2017

A Look Back at 2017, in Blog Posts.

On this last day of 2017, I thought it would be fun to look back over the year at what has been going on in my life and sharing some of my favourite as well as most popular blog posts with you.

As some of you may know, I had another blog Edwina’s Episodes, which had just reached its 3 year anniversary. I was proud of how I had built that blog up, and the number of people who enjoyed it and interacted with me. Well, at the beginning of October, I decided that I could no longer use it as there were so many technical problems with it (mostly from me buggering about with it). Sadly, the site was down more than it was up and I even managed to get myself locked out of it, as well as delete most of it, so it has been retired for good now.

Luckily, I had already set up this blog in my own name, mainly for writing my poems, but as I ended up posting everything on the other blog anyway, it got rather abandoned! It is now fully up and running, but of course, does not have as much content on it, although I am doing my best to rectify that. I won’t be able to link to all of the posts I wanted to over the past year as they are on the other blog, but I have brought some posts over here, and you can click on the links to read them.

Anyway, back to 2017. Starting the year, I was anxiously awaiting getting accepted for a university to study for a BSc in Adult Nursing.  After a series of tests and interviews, I finally got the news I was waiting for on my birthday in February that I was accepted, and started in April as a Student Nurse.  Being a ‘mature student’ was harder than I expected mainly because I have quite a lot of experience in nursing already, but I have to apply it from a different perspective!

As far as blogging was concerned, I decided to introduce my video poems on a Monday as a feature, and team up with Sandra Dorey from Wild Daffodil blog to take part in her #Sillysaturday posts. It started with her making these beautiful little figures out of pebbles, flowers and stones and me telling her that it would be fun if they had a little story to go with them. Sandra suggested a poem would be a good way of telling their story and our collaboration was born! I have to say, I am absolutely loving it and really hope that we will continue this in 2018. My favourite character so far has got to be Maggie the lap dancer.

This all leads to Sandra actually getting some greetings cards printed, some with her artwork on, and some with both her artwork and my poem. What a thrill it was to receive a special package from Daffy, especially as those cards are such excellent quality too.

Throughout the year, I tried to embark on a healthier lifestyle, joining the gym and also trying to adopt a healthier diet. I appreciate that this is still a work in progress but it is something that I am keen to continue in 2018. Hopefully, I will be able to stop myself snacking whilst writing assignments and comfort eating when it all gets too stressful! I will keep you posted of course, on my endeavours.

I wanted to nurture my blog a little more, (before I ended up breaking it) and decided that I needed a little help with some aspects of Social Marketing and Pinterest in particular. I contacted the lovely Suzie from Suzie Speaks who as I am sure many of you know, is a successful  Media Management Consultant and she helped me to grow my Pinterest account followers and views substantially and gave me some fantastic advice to boot! Thankfully, she was there to help out when it all went pear-shaped with my Edwina’s Episodes blog too.

Towards the end of the year, I was thrilled to see that my Halloween and Christmas limericks went down really well with everyone. What really made my day though, was when I actually had requests to write limericks about an elf and a mince-pie! That is what I love so much about the blogging community, the interaction that we have. As yet I do not have a particular feature in mind for 2018, but perhaps I could do something like that. Any ideas would be welcome.

Finally, I would just like to thank all of you so much for reading my blog, especially to those of you still with me despite all the glitches, hitches and cock-ups that happened throughout the year. Your friendship and support mean the world to me. I look forward to seeing what 2018 brings for us, and I wish you all a Happy New Year!!

Halloween Party Shells #SillySaturday — November 4, 2017

Halloween Party Shells #SillySaturday

I have teamed up again with the talented Sandra (or Daffy as I like to call her), from Wild Daffodil  to bring you another bit of silliness this Saturday.  Sandra is incredibly artistic and creative, and I just love the images she has created out of shells, stones and flowers.

One of the nicest things about Sandra’s blog is that you never know what she is going to get up to next, from beach art to knitted wigs, and mandalas to making spirals in her garden.

Here is our little story for this week. The Shells have got together in all of their finery for Halloween for some dancing and a special picnic.

The Halloween party was in full swing

On the beach, in the middle of the night

The Shelleys were doing the ‘Moonwalk’

Under its bright, silvery light

Later, when they got hungry

Image Courtesy of Sandra Dorey

There was plenty for them to eat

Ghoulash, or stake and chips main course

Key Slime Pie or Pustard for sweet.

Drinks or course were a-plenty

Snot chocolate or a nice cup of pee

Maybe some whine would be better

For their Halloween festivities.

They all held hands as they walked home

Dressed as they were, all in white

I bet that if you had seen them

They would have given you a hell of a fright!




Halloween Shells #SillySaturday — October 28, 2017

Halloween Shells #SillySaturday

I have teamed up again with the talented Sandra (or Daffy as I like to call her), from Wild Daffodil  to bring you another bit of silliness this Saturday.  Sandra is incredibly artistic and creative, and I just love the images she has created out of shells, stones and flowers.

One of the nicest things about Sandra’s blog is that you never know what she is going to get up to next, from beach art to knitted wigs, and mandalas to making spirals in her garden.

Here is our little story for this week. The Shells are going to a Halloween Disco! Check out last week’s story here



On the scariest night of the year

Halloween Shells #Sillysaturday
Image courtesy of Sandra Dorey

The Halloween Disco was here

The Shelleys were so cool

Dressed as ghosties and ghouls,

Looking rather scary and weird


Thriller got them up on the floor

Monster Mash had them begging for more,

Bewitched went down well

As did Bat out of Hell

They danced as they’d never done before

#SoCS Which, Witch, and Wich —

#SoCS Which, Witch, and Wich

Linda has gone all out this week for our Stream of Consciousness posts and has given us which, witch and wich to use.  We have to start out posts with which and get witch in somewhere too for some bonus points  but if we try being clever and write which witch is which, then we lose all our points! 

[clickToTweet tweet=”Which word is synonymous with Halloween to you? #SoCS” quote=”Which word is synonymous with Halloween to you?”] Is is vampire, ghost, zombie, or witch? Perhaps it is pumpkin or Trick or Treat that you associate with Halloween. When I was younger we never dressed up or went Trick or Treating as it was something that just didn’t exist at that time, or if it did I was not aware of it!  We played games like apple bobbing and frightened each other stupid with ghost stories instead. We were then too frightened to sleep but knew we had to by midnight or the witches might get us!

It doesn’t take long for times to change though. When my daughter was small I used to dress her up and we would go Trick or Treating, as she loved it! The square where we live and the streets nearby has loads of children so Halloween was a very busy night. The doorbell would be going every few minutes and the huge bowl of sweets would have to be refilled before we finally had to admit defeat at around 7pm when there was nothing left, and put a note on the door. No matter how many sweets we bought every year, we would still run out so early!

I never used to decorate much, but we always had a pumpkin (usually that we had grown in the back garden), but when my daughter got to around seven years old, I succumbed to buying some, and it was fun trying to make the house look spooky; I love looking to see how everyone else has decorated their houses too.

Mind you, it is another tradition that has changed. It seems to be more about the sweets and treats now than the fun and frights that I remember. I know which I prefer!

SoCS Which, and witch



All Hallow’s Eve Poem — October 31, 2015

All Hallow’s Eve Poem

As darkness descends upon us

And the moon casts an eerie glow

On the last day of October

It is All Hallows Eve, you know


Where souls of those once departed

Come back once more to roam

Visiting their old haunts

Finding their way back home


Some of them are banshees

Screaming in the night

Or ugly, warty witches

That look an awful fright


Vampires who are looking

For someone’s blood to suck

Zombies from the graveyard

Decayed, and covered in muck.


There are ghosts and there are werewolves

All of which you’ll meet

When you answer your front door bell

And the kids yell ‘Trick or Treat!’

Tjs Household Haiku Challenge —

Tjs Household Haiku Challenge

This week TJ has given us ‘treats’ to use for our prompt for his Household Haiku Challenge, which of course, is very fitting for Halloween.

My mind immediately went in the same direction as TJs with the sweets/chocolates idea, as for me, they are indeed a very special treat.

This is what I came up with:

Halloween treats for

witches, monsters, ghosts and ghouls

go to sleep happy!

Friday Free-For-All — October 30, 2015

Friday Free-For-All

I have got a wonderful selection of blogs for you this week (as always) for my Friday Free-For-All. I will, however, be taking a break during November in order to try and focus on NaNoWriMo. This might be a convenient point to gauge whether or not I should continue with this feature, or try something new! I have put a little poll in so you can vote,

Anyway, back to the brilliant blogs I found for you this week. In keeping with the spirit of Halloween, I have a couple of spooky posts for you. I also have some lighthearted posts and one that I found particularly inspirational. Please pop over to these blogs for a visit and see what else they have in store for you, you won’t be disappointed!

Daily Echo This post by Sue really made me think. She has a certain way of putting things that makes perfect sense! I found this very inspirational.

Thoughts and Entanglements I loved this poem, It was so evocative, I felt that I was right there!

But I Smile Anyway I just had to include this, by the ever resourceful Ritu! Her daughter is a chip off the old block too, it seems!

Aliisaacstoryteller A perfect poem for the time of year. Ali tells a wonderful, if not poignant story here that I really enjoyed.

Myfridayblog Another spooky poem, this time with a very unusual ending!

Thestoryreadingapeblog This post here was written by a very feisty little four-legged  friend who is extremely brave!

So there you have your little collection of treats. I am not tricking when I tell you that they will keep you entertained this Haloween wekend!

Happy Friday!!

Oh, and here is that poll

A British Winter — October 24, 2015

A British Winter

The summer is now over

The clocks go back tonight

Dark winter evenings beckon

And the mornings are less bright

Halloween will be upon us

When the kids will knock our doors

Dressed as ghosts and vampires

Dripping with blood and gore

Next we celebrate Guy Fawkes

And his failed gunpowder plot

With fireworks and bonfires

Sparklers, the lot!

Then of course comes Christmas

With its season of goodwill

When Santa comes a calling

Looking for some stockings to fill

Then we start the New Year

With hopes and dream anew

Resolutions for improvements

Which last until week two!

February brings Valentine’s Day

When love is in the air

With hearts, and flowers and chocolates

And cute little teddy bears!

Then the winter’s over

Spring comes to say hello

And, seeing as this is Britain

We’ll probably get some snow!

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons 

Episode 30: Halloween Hiccups! — October 31, 2014

Episode 30: Halloween Hiccups!

Ahh good old Halloween! How it has changed since I was a little girl. Back then it was a case of us terrifying each other with ghost stories, and a bit of apple bobbing if you were lucky, and if Mum was feeling extra festive, we even got a toffee apple!! No dressing up for us, and we would not have been allowed to go around ‘Trick or Treating’

For my daughter’s generation it is totally different. I have already been stockpiling sweets for the last few days as we have loads of ‘Trick or Treaters’ coming round.  I actually enjoy seeing them all in their costumes; I love the effort that has gone into some of them, and the way that the local kids all participate, as do a lot of their parents.

We live on a large square which then branches off in a big loop. so there are a lot of doors for the kids to knock on. In the past I have often gone with Miss Hap, either as part of a large group, or just me her and Mr Grump. Either way, people have been pretty generous, and Miss Hap’s Halloween bucket is normally full to the brim with all sorts of scary and sweet delights!

This morning we were all up pretty early, and i decided to crack on with putting up some decorations. Mr Grump had got himself out of it by going off to the scrap yard to get some parts for my car (it failed the MOT).He did however, kindly get out all the bits from last year, so that Me and Miss Hap could put them up.

It was not as easy as I thought it would be. Every time I opened the front door to put the decorations on it the dog would make a dash for freedom! Luckily she came back with a bit of coaxing. I then shut her in the kitchen for 2 minutes whilst I balanced precariously on a chair trying to hang something up on the little roof bit. Well the dog kicked up such a racket with her pitiful barking and yelping, that I rushed the job, and although ‘Happy Halloween’ is up over the door, it is looking a bit droopy and sorry for itself!

Anyway i managed to finish off the inside decorations without too much trouble, (or tripping over the dog who had been let out of the kitchen, but insisted on getting under our feet). Mr Grump of course came back when everything was done, but seemed impressed with it. I was mad though because I knew we had some little lights that went across the kitchen window that were shaped like bats and were different colours, but I couldn’t find them anywhere.Miss Hap by now of course had already gone out to play in the unseasonably warm weather outside, as she had done her bit helping me, plus pilfered some of the sweets out of the bowl!

I decided to get on with some other bits, and as usual there is washing to be done. As I went to get the detergent out of the kitchen cupboard, I saw the box with the bat lights in on one of the shelves. Oooh, great, I pulled the box off the shelf, but everything else cascaded downwards and landed in a heap on the kitchen floor. Bugger it, what a mess!!  Well that is Mr Grump’s domain, he puts all sorts of odds and ends in that cupboard that we neither use nor need (well excepting the lights and detergent of course). I shouted up the stairs that I had found the lights, and that by the way there was a mess on the floor.

He was crabby. He had just finished shaving his head and bathing the dog (who was running around like a mad thing shaking water all over the place)! He tidied up the mess in the kitchen then came in to sit down for a minute. I reminded him that the lights actually needed to be put up now I had found them, and for some reason he got a bit snappy and cross!

I think I’ll send him to the door tonight when the kids come, as his face would be enough to scare the pants off anyone! Having said that Miss Hap would probably gorge herself senseless on all the sweets that would be left,  as the kids would be legging it  as soon as they glimpsed old Sour Puss!!

Happy Halloween!

Couldn’t resist the pics of our dog!!

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