I have got a wonderful selection of blogs for you this week (as always) for my Friday Free-For-All. I will, however, be taking a break during November in order to try and focus on NaNoWriMo. This might be a convenient point to gauge whether or not I should continue with this feature, or try something new! I have put a little poll in so you can vote,

Anyway, back to the brilliant blogs I found for you this week. In keeping with the spirit of Halloween, I have a couple of spooky posts for you. I also have some lighthearted posts and one that I found particularly inspirational. Please pop over to these blogs for a visit and see what else they have in store for you, you won’t be disappointed!

Daily Echo This post by Sue really made me think. She has a certain way of putting things that makes perfect sense! I found this very inspirational.

Thoughts and Entanglements I loved this poem, It was so evocative, I felt that I was right there!

But I Smile Anyway I just had to include this, by the ever resourceful Ritu! Her daughter is a chip off the old block too, it seems!

Aliisaacstoryteller A perfect poem for the time of year. Ali tells a wonderful, if not poignant story here that I really enjoyed.

Myfridayblog Another spooky poem, this time with a very unusual ending!

Thestoryreadingapeblog This post here was written by a very feisty little four-legged  friend who is extremely brave!

So there you have your little collection of treats. I am not tricking when I tell you that they will keep you entertained this Haloween wekend!

Happy Friday!!

Oh, and here is that poll