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Christmas Limericks Millie Mince Pie — December 18, 2017

Christmas Limericks Millie Mince Pie

I do love a limerick and thought that after the success of some of my Halloween limericks, I would share some Christmas ones that I wrote, over the next few days. I hope that you enjoy them. I have written another extra one, this time for JP over at My Husband and I who challenged me to write a limerick about a mince pie! This was a little tricky but I can’t resist a challenge.

Millie the mince pie, deliciously fruity   

At Christmas, always on duty

She is boozy and sweet

Her crust such a treat

A dollop of cream enhances her beauty.

#SoCS Which, Witch, and Wich — October 28, 2017

#SoCS Which, Witch, and Wich

Linda has gone all out this week for our Stream of Consciousness posts and has given us which, witch and wich to use.  We have to start out posts with which and get witch in somewhere too for some bonus points  but if we try being clever and write which witch is which, then we lose all our points! 

[clickToTweet tweet=”Which word is synonymous with Halloween to you? #SoCS” quote=”Which word is synonymous with Halloween to you?”] Is is vampire, ghost, zombie, or witch? Perhaps it is pumpkin or Trick or Treat that you associate with Halloween. When I was younger we never dressed up or went Trick or Treating as it was something that just didn’t exist at that time, or if it did I was not aware of it!  We played games like apple bobbing and frightened each other stupid with ghost stories instead. We were then too frightened to sleep but knew we had to by midnight or the witches might get us!

It doesn’t take long for times to change though. When my daughter was small I used to dress her up and we would go Trick or Treating, as she loved it! The square where we live and the streets nearby has loads of children so Halloween was a very busy night. The doorbell would be going every few minutes and the huge bowl of sweets would have to be refilled before we finally had to admit defeat at around 7pm when there was nothing left, and put a note on the door. No matter how many sweets we bought every year, we would still run out so early!

I never used to decorate much, but we always had a pumpkin (usually that we had grown in the back garden), but when my daughter got to around seven years old, I succumbed to buying some, and it was fun trying to make the house look spooky; I love looking to see how everyone else has decorated their houses too.

Mind you, it is another tradition that has changed. It seems to be more about the sweets and treats now than the fun and frights that I remember. I know which I prefer!

SoCS Which, and witch



Ronovan’s Writes Weekly Haiku Poetry Prompt # 84 ‘milk’ & ‘smooth’ — February 15, 2016
Episode 243 : Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Poetry Prompt Challenge ‘Foul’ & ‘Sweet’ — March 23, 2015

Episode 243 : Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Poetry Prompt Challenge ‘Foul’ & ‘Sweet’

After a lovely conversation with Hugh last night, he mentioned that he participated in Ronovan’s Weekly Haiku Challenge and encouraged me to have a go. Now I know what a Haiku is, kind of, but have never, ever had a go at writing one. However, I normally like to have a go at something new, so am happy to try my hand at a Haiku!

The ‘prompt words’ are ‘foul’ and ‘sweet’

His breath was so foul

after eating some garlic

He wanted a sweet.

Episode 189: Smooth(ie) Operator! — March 1, 2015

Episode 189: Smooth(ie) Operator!

Miss Hap has discovered a new drink which she loves, Oreo Smoothie! Now forgive me if I am wrong, but aren’t smoothies supposed to be healthy? You know, made with fruit and veg and skimmed milk….that kind of thing, not ice cream and Oreos (I can’t bear them myself)!

Anyway, she has been nagging me for ages to buy the ingredients in order to make this delightful drink. I have so far not obliged her,  as her once a week indulgence is plenty enough for such a sugar-fest. I did however, promise to make her a ‘normal’ smoothie.

I have actually got a smoothie maker that I have had for ages, but now never really gets used. I dragged in out of the corner it was hiding in, gave it a bit of a clean up and gathered some ingredients together.

Now I have to mention that I was not really in a very good mood. We were going to have our usual Sunday roast, but whilst Mr Grump was cooking the meat, it gave off rather an unpleasant smell. Once cooked. although it looked gorgeous, none of us fancied it anymore due to the weird smell, so that put paid to that! Hence the reason why I was crabby. (I had a healthy dinner instead)!

Anyway, I poured the milk into the smoothie maker, and asked Miss Hap to get the ice out of the freezer whilst I got the bananas. She had decided that she didn’t want anything else with it as she ‘doesn’t really like that much fruit’ (a fact I know all too well)!

When I turned back to the smoothie maker I saw that all of the milk had ended up on the worktop. There must have been a bit missing from the machine which I hadn’t noticed, despite the fact that it was an essential component!

I got more milk and we used the food processor to mix everything up in, I poured out some of the drink and gave it to my daughter. She took the smallest of sips and her face said it all. I went to give some to Mr Grump and when I came back all of Miss Hap’s drink had suspiciously gone. She said that she had enjoyed it and sloped off upstairs.

I, meanwhile, was left with one hell of a mess to clean up. As I went to start the washing up, I noticed that the washing up bowl was filled with what looked uncannily like banana smoothie! Great! She had thrown it away as I thought. I chucked out the bloody useless smoothie maker as well. Oh well, at least my kitchen is slightly less cluttered now!

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