Today was pretty good at work. We were extremely busy as usual, but it was a good atmosphere and we had plenty of staff, so everyone was happy. For some of us the day was about to get even better…..

I was just returning to the ward, when I saw a youngish man with an assortment of bags waiting outside, unable to get in (we have a security code outside the door). I assumed he was a visitor and asked if I could help him, but it transpired that he was there to give staff training on some pressure relieving equipment. I informed the Ward Manager who he was,and invited him into our handover room where he could give his training.

There were already a couple of nurses in there writing notes, and I briefly told them about the training. Meanwhile the Trainer was unloading some of his bags. Out came a huge box of Krispy Kreme doughnuts; I saw a couple of the young nurses’ faces light up, next came huge cartons of fruit juice, paper plates and cups with balloons on. He still hadn’t finished and a large tub of chocolates were put on the side, along with some grapes (just in case anyone was on a diet)!

I was commandeered to round-up some troops who would be available to come to the training. I actually got quite a few takers when I mentioned cakes were on offer. The Trainer certainly knew the way to get people to his sessions. He told us he is married to a nurse so he came prepared!  He also tipped a load of pens onto the table and a massive stack of post- it notes.Not only do nurses love sweet things, they are rather partial to a freebie as well, so we all listened intently to his spiel!!  I sat there sour-faced with my grapes looking longingly at the doughnuts and chocolates.

The training actually went on for quite a bit, and people kept having to get up, leave to answer a buzzer,or deal with something, then come back in again. I was called out to help a patient so I went into my Bay to see her. She had some visitors, her daughter and son-in-law who I had met on Friday, in a two-hour meeting to discuss her mother’s discharge plans. She was happy with the outcome and had brought in a home-made cake for us,to show her appreciation. This was the second one she had made, as she had wanted to try to cater for as many of the staff as she could.

She had made a massive Victoria sponge, and it was in a large square box. I gratefully accepted the cake, thanked her for her thoughtfulness and went to put it in the Handover room. As I walked back in, there were still a lot of people in there as the training was just finishing,and a couple of doctors and therapy staff had gone in to use the computer and write notes. One of the nurses caught my eye and asked what I had in my hands.

” We’ve been given more cake, from ‘Mrs Sweetie’s’ daughter”.  I took two steps in the room, tripped over something and hurtled forward, the cake wobbled dangerously in my hands, rattling inside the box. It was surprising how many pairs of hands reached out to steady me, rather than let the precious cake fall to the ground (they were not concerned about me at all, in fact once it was established that the cake was still intact, they laughed their heads off at my undignified entrance into the room, doctors and all)!

It is surprising how easily pleased us nurses are, and the good mood that started the day, was ramped up a couple of notches by everyone being hyper on a sugar overload!