After the Christmas over-indulgence normally comes the New Year resolutions. You know, the pledge to hit the gym, lose some weight and get fit, which is all very well in theory, but in practice lasts until the beginning of February (at a push)! The same goes with packing in smoking; for many the desire to give up is there, but the cravings are just too strong and it all ends in tears (and a packet of fags)! I think we put too much pressure on ourselves to give up all of our vices at the same time and on the same day! I am fed-up with being ‘good’ and my New Year’s Resolution is to find a new vice……

As I have mentioned (more than once, probably), I have given up smoking (am in my third month of being smoke-free), and  due to being recently diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, have also had to cut right back on the sugar, as well as lose weight! Two of my favourite pleasures in life were smoking and eating, and now I have had to give them up and I’m bloody crabby! This Christmas I will not be scoffing Christmas Pud with a huge dollop of cream, nor will I be indulging in the sherry trifle. In fact I can’t even have a bloody mince pie!

I wont be crowding round the back door, or standing outside in the freezing cold/pouring rain/ or icy snow having a sociable  cigarette with family members as half of us have now given up. (Yes I know it is a good thing, but we all actually ENJOYED smoking)!  No… we will all be piously snug and comfy in the warm, laughing at the poor buggers who still indulged, huddled up against the cold, whilst secretly wishing we could just have one little puff!!

Don’t get me wrong, I understand  that I needed to make these changes in order to become healthier and, it was down to my bad choices that I ended up with diabetes, but I haven’t got any vices now. I’m not used to being a Mrs Goody Two-Shoes having smoked since I was about 13 years old, so I am looking for a new vice for the New Year!

Now, finding a vice is not going to be easy, as two have already been ruled out! Drinking is not an option either, Firstly because the last time I had too much to drink I had a hangover for 2 days, and with Miss Hap being as energetic and exuberant as she is, that combination is OUT!  Going out ‘on the pull’ is also a non-starter. Not only will Mr Grump get the hump, but I am well past my prime (If I ever had a prime), and it would be too much hassle to doll myself up every night to try to look half-decent.

Becoming a shopaholic sounds fantastic in theory, (who doesn’t like new and sparkly, things) but we have more than enough clutter in our house already, plus you don’t get a lot of sparkle for your money on my salary! Hmmmm it is not as easy as I thought trying to find a new vice.

Anyone got any ideas??