This last week has overall, been bittersweet for me. As you know, I have only been blogging since the middle of September, and there are many things I am still ignorant of. The prime reason for me actually doing this blog was a bit of an outlet for me really. I have a wicked sense of humour and love a good laugh, but I also seem to be always making a hash of things.  I thought it would be fun to share some of my stories, in the hope that it would make someone else smile. That, in turn would give me pleasure, and everyone’s a winner!

I have been very lucky indeed since I have started my blog, that people have actually ‘got’ what I am about, which is mainly taking the mickey out of myself, my long-suffering family, and situations that I might find myself in. All of this was written with tongue firmly in cheek, (although of course, these events really did happen)! I have just described them from my viewpoint , which is to try to see the funny side of everything. I have never intended to offend anyone or be malicious in any way. (I deliberately steer clear of politics etc as I want a light-hearted blog, not a heated, raging debate)!

Anyway, a week a go today I wrote a post after going to my daughter’s school concert. I did my usual, in the fact that I wrote about the things that struck me as funny. I did finish the post by saying how much I enjoyed it, and how hard everyone had worked on it,

The very next day, I got a lot more traffic than normal, the day after , even more, and that particular post was getting the most hits. I thought that was a bit strange, but then I received an anonymous comment reprimanding me gently that the musicians had worked very hard. I replied that yes they did and I had acknowledged this. I was more concerned to think they had been at the SAME concert! How the hell did they know I had written that? I have tried to keep myself pretty anonymous, and have never named the town where I live or anything. It then dawned on me that my daughter had told them! She admitted this eventually as she thought it might get me some more traffic!

Too bloody right it did! The kids must have shown each other it, but were really upset about what I had written. I was mortified, and put an apology in the bottom of the article, but still I had another anonymous comment (well I don’t think Santa would have time to write to me just now) making me feel worse, so of course I removed the post completely.

I wanted to be inhibited in what I wrote, but I will certainly be a lot more careful in the future as I don’t want to (unintentionally) hurt anyone’s feelings, It is ironic that the most views I have ever had have been for the post that ended up being the least funny!  I have a lot to learn!