I’ve got a guilty pleasure……sometimes,very early in the morning, when there is nobody else up, I can indulge in it. Occasionally if Miss Hap gets up early enough, she joins me, and we both get wrapped up in it for a while, enjoying ourselves immensely. Yes… I love watching the Teleshopping channels!

The jewellery channels are ones that we both particularly enjoy. We marvel at some of the ‘pieces’  (see, I even know the jargon) and are amazed at how much there is for the presenters to say about them. They waffle on and on for ages, and then get out their little rulers to give measurements and dimensions. Finally comes the climax, where the price dramatically drops, and the phone lines go mad!  I just find them very entertaining.

I occasionally watch the channels where they are advertising some intense workout. I become mesmerised as all these fit young people push themselves into ‘Oblivion’ or whatever it is called. I envy their bodies but know that after 10 mins of such gruelling exercise. I would end up at the local A & E with either a heart attack or serious injury.

Oh no, those channels are not for me. However,  if any of them have gadgets on them, then I am all ears (and eyes too for that matter). I simply MUST have that X5 mop I have seen advertised. I am not that keen on housework and I am sure that this brilliant invention is the answer to all my chores!  The problem is, Mr Grump won’t let me have one!  How can he not be impressed by all the different functions that it has? Why is he not amazed that it uses no chemicals, only steam ?(Yes, I know, STEAM, and it even cleans grease up)! Doesn’t he realise that it comes in different colours? Even red (which matches all our kitchen utensils; a factor which is of course of vital importance when choosing a product)! I am bitterly disappointed that he won’t let me have one but I will eventually wear him down I am sure.

I think the reason might have something to do with the fact that he is still smarting over a set of frying pans I was seduced into buying that cost a bloody fortune! I had seen them advertised on the same channel as the mop. They looked wonderful, non stick, easy to clean and guess what? Yes, they came in red!

Red pans

I had taken my Mum out shopping and we happened to go to a large new homeware store that had recently opened.As we were walking around I caught sight of a TV advertising said pans and I sauntered over to have a closer look. As they were on special offer I just HAD to get one – of each size, plus the special lid! Mum bought the small one as well, and we were pleased with our bargains!

Later on when Mr Grump got home from work, and I showed him my new pans, he was not at all happy, especially as he spotted the receipt in the bag. His face went as red as those pans and I probably could have saved myself some money and fried an egg on him, boiling as he was!  Anyway,our old pans (in my opinion) were well past their prime; they were old and ugly.

To make a point, sulky Mr Grump has steadfastly refused to use my lovely new pans and I have even resorted to doing a bit of cooking myself just so they are not neglected, and they are wonderful!

Am I the only one that is a sucker for a gadget?